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A lamp is just a lamp or is it?

Recently I went on a search for a few really cool lamps and I found some that really inspired me when it came to design and style. Lamps really can change the look and feel of a room and they are a great investment for any home improvement project. 



Inspired by the cone of the French pine. The Zappy stands out with its very high light yield. Cold illuminants get filtered through high quality ash or oak veneer panels, so that any indoor space gets illuminated with sublime light quality.

I love this lamp because it’s so different, while very modern it’s also rustic feeling and would work well in the country or in a lodge or cabin. It’s so stylish, yet so simple. You can find Zappy at


This really interesting checkered pendent light is just so fun and different. I really love how this looks and how much interest this could add to a room. This would be really cute in a tea/coffee house or a children’s bedroom. You can find this lamp at


The last lamp is so fun and classic. I love the modern design and the feel of this lamp. This would really work in any decor as not only does it have the modern feel, but when placed in a more traditional setting it works very well too. You can find this lamp at Generate

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