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Design Your Room Online

design your room online

Sometimes it’s just easier to do something yourself, or so you may think. Even great DIY’rs get help from somewhere may it be from the local home improvement store, from a friend or they head online and get some great advice to help them with their problem.

Well, now you can get some great design help from a new company called Focus Studio Design. They hire real professional designers to help you create the room of your dreams online. Rooms start as low as $99 and the designers will provide you everything you need to complete the room, including shopping list, paint colors, 3-D renderings and even tips and instructions on how to do it all.


This is one of my favorite designs featured on the site. It’s very trendy, very now, but really is not that hard for someone to do!

I love this idea as many people really do want to do their rooms on their own, though as always I do recommend a designer for any major work. You don’t want your house falling down on you, but this site offers more decoration then total redesign.

The process for you is so simple too, just fill out a form, it doesn’t take long and answer a few questions along with uploading a few pictures of the room you would like done. It’s that easy!

Check out their site and let me know if you would use this service? If so, why?

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A Green Refrigerator That Takes Green to a Whole Other Level


You all know that I am very into green building, design and product for your home, but really this one is green to the extreme and I personally love the idea, though I am not so sure about storing my food in green, or any other color for that matter, goo. Still this is a great concept that looks really cool.

green goo fridgeThe refrigerator itself is made of a non-sticky goo that keep your food cold. The goo also does not smell so you don’t have to worry about it smelling up your home. The plus side in my opinion is that you will know when your food starts to go bad and you can find everything. I wonder though does the goo trap in the smell of bad food??

Personally I think this could lead to some very cool design concepts as this looks like it’s not as deep as a normal refrigerator, it could be put in some very interesting places in the kitchen and other spots in your home. My only worry is what about the big stuff? Would this be useful in a family home or would it be better suited to a bachelor pad where the person doesn’t entertain often and eats out a lot. For me it would never work as I love to cook and bake. You just cant store a huge cake or a roast in this refrigerator, so that keeps the classic safe for now.


What do you think of this new green goo?

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Take Care of Your Roof Now!

birmingham-roofing-contractor61.png It’s summer and now is the time to start really looking at the outside of your home and deciding what needs to be fixed before winter. Do you need new windows, siding or do you really just need a new roof. There are many reasons to look into a new roof for your home.

    • You have cracked or missing shingles, this could cause damage from water, ice and other elements that could cause serious damage to your home.
    • Prevent the growth of mold. If you get on your roof and you see mold, you will want to consider looking at replacing your roof as mold could cause damage to other parts of your home and affect your health.
    • Your roof is just old! If your roof is about 20 years old or more, you need to replace it. It may look okay from the ground, but it’s wearing down and you need to get it replaced before it causes other problems.

Now what if you don’t see any of the above problems, how do you keep them from happening. Well you take care of your roof by doing the following.

        Keep it clean, brush it off and have is washed occasionally. Clear leaves and branches from you roof twice a year, once in fall and once in spring. Waiting and doing it in the spring causes more of a build up in your room and gutters causing other issues.

    If your still unsure of your roof you will want to hire professional roofers to come and take a look at your roof. They know best and will tell you what needs to be done. You can do a simple search on Google (example: search Birmingham roofers if you live near Birmingham, you can also search Birmingham roofers reviews) Don’t feel comfortable searching online, ask friends and neighbors for suggestions on who to call.

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    Designer or DIY? What is Better for YOU.

    There are many reasons to do a design project yourself, but sometimes it really is better to choose a designer. Here is a great info graphic that will help you see the difference between a DIY and Interior Designer

    20120806 DIY vs Interior Designer

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    Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from with my unbiased thoughts and opinions.

    Are you looking for some great artwork to add some style to your home. If you are or even if you are not you may want to take a look at What I love about this site is that they are extremely user friendly. They have so many interesting artwork and ways to make sure you get the one that is right for you!



    I’m sure your wondering how are they user friendly? Well, they not only have a huge selection of artwork making it easy for you to find something you would like, but they have it all organized into type of artwork and not just in one way. You can look up canvas artwork, Chinese artwork and so much more!


    Another reason I really love is they have an in room viewer so you can see what artwork looks like in a room. They have a few images to choose from to help make the room look more like your own. Of course it won’t be perfect, but it will help you to visualize the artwork in a room similar to yours.

    I am a huge believer that artwork can really make or break a room. Choosing the right artwork can be really hard and that is why I really do love this room viewer. You can play with it to see what a painting will look like with your paint color and style. It’s really a great tool when you don’t have a designer around.


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