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Rustic Wedding Wine Bar

Wedding Wine Bar

This year my younger sister will be getting married. She has decided on a rustic theme and is very excited to try some new a different ideas for her wedding. This made me start thinking about fun things you could have at a small wedding that would wow and still be functional, bring on the Rustic Wedding Wine Bar!

For this project I received my rustic wood from Walnut Hallow, an online company that sells amazing wood products for craft projects and more! There products are all made in the USA and they have a great focus on the environment.


I decided to tap into my inner artist and created this wonderful wine sign myself, though I do need a bit more practice in writing on wood with a burner I am really very happy with how the sign turned out. The bar itself is simple yet elegant and you can really customize the look any way you want. I didn’t want to do anything to extravagant as a wedding is complicated enough. This wine bar set up is simple and can be assembled on any surface.  It’s perfect for a small wedding and cocktail hour. Guest can serve themselves and enjoy a great table scape.


What you need to create the look I have

  • 2 Rustic Wood Rounds
  • 1 basswood rustic plank
  • 1 Natural Bark Edge Panel
  • 1 Basswood Country Slabs
  • 1 small chalk board
  • 1 large vase to hold wood rounds
  • 1 holder for wood slab, customize for your wanted look!

Place it together:

What I love about this Rustic Wine Bar is that there really are no tools required unless you make the sign yourself, then you would need a wood burner. For the back pallet you will need to attach wood to keep it up, other then that you don’t have to use anything else.

Arrange the items as shown. It’s simple and easy. Of course make sure you have enough glasses and wine for everyone at the wedding.

This project is so simple, all you have to do is layer it up and if your not artistic you can buy a cute wine sayings sign to create the same effect I have!

Are you planning a wedding? What would you do with a few pieces of rustic wood and some creativity?

I would appreciate your thoughts on this post, why not comment?

Event Decorating With Tea Lights

I love using candles in my décor and with a lot of events and holidays coming up I will be doing some unique decorating with candles. Currently I am decorating my home for summer and I found a few amazing ideas that you can use as well to get yourself in the summer mood.

American Summer Holiday Decorating With Tea Lights


4th of july

I really love this look. The red and white ribbons add some style to the blue tea lights. I think I would rather enhance this look and do red, white and blue ribbons and candles. Mixing and matching them.

Go a little more rustic with these jar candles! They are so cute and easy to make, just get some canning jars and paint away. If your really good you could do flags instead of stars!

4th of july lantrans

Wedding Decorating With Tea Lights



I am not planning a wedding soon, but I had to share these cute tea light holders with you. They are just so perfect for a wedding, you have a more classic look above and the princess theme below. I have a friend who the crowns would have been perfect for, too bad she got married last year!  Here is a great wedding décor tip, use LED tea lights in place of candles if your venue does not allow real candles. It’s a great way to get the same look, without the fire hazard. The best part is that you can also use deco poly mesh without worrying that it will catch fire.

wedding tea lights, tea-lights, wedding light


Summer Decorating With Tea Lights


Okay so I also found a few really cute ways to decorate for summer using tea lights these are a few of my favorite ones. They are just so cool and remind me of a relaxing getaway.

blue tea lights

wood tea lights

coffee and candles

Do you have any great ideas for tea light décor? Share them with me in the comments.

I would appreciate your thoughts on this post, why not comment?

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