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Easy and Fun Ways to Add Polka Dots to Any Room


Polka dots are a classic design motif that first came about during the late 19th century. (Prior to this, the machinery necessary to create even dots on fabric didn’t exist.) Since their creation, they have gone in and out of fashion for both apparel and interior design, but never really disappeared due to their adaptability and customizability. The overall look when polka dots are employed can be either traditional or modern depending on dot size. They have the unique ability to seem timeless and trendy simultaneously, and can vary in aesthetics greatly due to a variety of factors including dot placement. Here are some fantastic and simple ways to incorporate this design into your home or interior.


In the Bedroom

Using polka dots in your bedding is a fun way to experiment with this design pattern without committing to something more permanent. Go for something bold with a bright and colorful dotted bedspread, like this from Wayfair. If you’d like something more subdued, try spotted sheets underneath a solid duvet, or polka dots that are subtle in color compared to the background hue. You can also buy a few accent pillows or even make your own by adding fabric paint to a solid pillow.

In the Bathroom

Using bathroom accessories featuring polka dots is an excellent and easy way to add style. Try a shower curtain or sink accessories such as toothbrush holders and soap dispensers. A great update for any bathroom wicker baskets is to add polka dot ribbon that matches your bathroom décor. HairBow Center has a range of white polka dot ribbon in numerous color combinations. You can add ribbon easily by weaving it through the top rim, using a safety pin or a needle to direct the ribbon through. If this doesn’t work well, another option is to affix one end of the ribbon to a section of fishing line or strand of thread, then bring this piece through the wicker as the ribbon follows along. Use the latter method most effectively on wicker with large holes.

Wall Design

Polka dot wallpaper may sound intimidating, but there are actually very understated and sophisticated ways to introduce it into your home. Especially on one accent wall, this addition is a beautiful way to add chicness and glamour to any room. You can also use it to add interest to a wide-open blank wall space, or try it on a bathroom wall for a style update that doesn’t require the cost of new tile. Adding energy and color to a child’s room or nursery is another option.

Try different sized dots, and varying placements in order to change up the design. Use polka dots in this way and you’ll soon be enjoying a cheery and chic look that will energize and create a more pleasing environment for your living or working space.

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Green Toad Paint System Review

Painting a room or house can sometimes be a very daunting task, not only can it take time, but you also have to deal with sore muscles, joints and maybe a headache as well, now you can at least take care of those sore muscles and joints by using the Green Toad Paint System. It’s really a wonderful product and I used it to paint a few rooms in my home recently.

The system is really very unique, you have one handle that interchanges with all of the brushes and roller. The brushes and rollers also pivot so that you can paint every surface of your home easily and without stress on your joints and muscles. After two days of use I still was feeling pretty good about my paint job and didn’t have the painters after effects that you normally get. Oh, by the way you can get rid of that headache if you switch to chemical free paint. What I really love is how easy the system is to use. It’s simple to put together, take apart and use. All you have to do it push and pull. The brushes themselves are wonderfully made and I didn’t find an issue with finding brush bristles in my paint.

What you get in the Green Toad Paint System

  • 2 Deluxe Contour Handles
  • 1.5″ Tapered Brush Head
  • 2.5″ Tapered Brush Head
  • 2″ Straight Brush Head
  • 3″ Straight Brush Head
  • 4″ & 6″ Roller with Cover
  • 9″ Roller with Deluxe Contour Handle

Another thing I love about this paint system is that everything is biodegradable. That means you can throw it away without feeling like you are harming the environment.

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