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Why New Windows Can Save You Money

windowWe all know that when it comes to fixing up your home, the fun is when you can change up all of the pretty things, like furniture and paint, but sometimes you have to spend some money on other things that are not as pretty to keep your home safe, secure and lower your monthly cost. That is where great windows come into play and searching for local windows like columbus windows can help you not only get your cost down, but help you to support local businesses. That in turn can help your home gain equity.

New windows not only look better, but they help with many different things.

Help insulate your home

You can get windows custom made for your climate. If you live in mild areas a double pain will work well for you. If you live in very hot or very cold areas, you may want to look into a triple pain. Wood frame windows are better then aluminum windows when it comes to insulation. If you really want to decrease your monthly payments look at wood windows.

Can Increase the Equity in your home.

New windows are a huge selling point for homes and when your looking at increasing the equity you want to look at the things that will make your home sell for more, new windows do that very well. Making sure that your windows work well with the style of your home is a great way to increase the interest in your home if your looking to sell in a couple of years. Yes this means you do get to have a bit of fun picking out the style of window you will have. There are so many cool options! You can get casement windows, double hung windows or picture windows. You can also choose pain designs to increase the stylish look of your windows.

I hope this short post has really made you think a bit more about the windows in your home. They are very important for the safety and equity of your home and can be a lot of fun shopping for!

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Choosing the Right Wheels for a Pallet Jack

Pallet jacks are a necessary tool for virtually every business that sells mass quantities of goods to the public. These jacks help employees to move the product from the delivery truck to the shelf quickly and easily, without having to take multiple loads with a small cart. Keeping the wheels in good condition on these jacks is very important. Bad wheels can reduce productivity, cause damage to the pallet jack, and can even result in injury for the employee. With the many types of wheels available, it can be hard to decide which kind is best.

Standard Caster Wheels
If a simple replacement option is all that is necessary, then the standard caster wheels will probably benefit the purchaser the most. These are best for pallet jacks that are not under heavy use and operate over short distances. These wheels usually consist of a strong cast iron core, with 95 Shore A Polyurethane on the outside of the wheel for traction. These are the no frills, run of the mill wheels for pallet jacks.

80 Shore A Polyurethane Coating
These wheels are very similar to the standard caster wheels. The difference between this upgraded wheel and the previous is that it has a slightly different coating on the wheels. The wheels are made up of an 80 Shore A Polyurethane coating instead of the 95. These pallet jack wheels provide the user with better traction when moving the pallet jack during deliveries. It also allows for a smooth ride, reducing noise and shaking.

Heat Resistant Wheels
There are specially made wheels for pallet jacks that see a lot of moving as well; they have a unique cooling compound within the wheel. This is especially useful for large stores, warehouses, and other businesses that require moving pallet jacks over long distances with heavy loads. This compound will reduce the build up of heat within the wheels, which can ultimately cause significant damage to the pallet jack over a period of time.

Since pallet jacks are a required tool when it comes to moving heavy loads quickly, it is imperative that they are taken care of. The wheels face daily abuse from the strenuous loads, and if the wheels are in poor condition they can cause further damage to the pallet jack or the goods that are being carried.

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Interior Design Services from Homepolish

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have an interior designer in your home? It’s no longer just a fantasy with help from the interior design start-up Homepolish. They make it easy (and affordable!) to get an interior designer in your home who will help create the perfect space for you. The experience is truly one of a kind so we decided to break it down for you in three easy steps:

1. Let the designer get to know you:

Tell them the bare bones: are you interested in working on a home, office, store or something else? How big is it? Do you have a project budget? Do you own or rent? And then tell them the juicy stuff: What inspires you? What does your ultimate dream space look like? From picking paint colors to gutting a brownstone, they can handle any project, any size.

2. The first date, aka meet your homepolish designer:

Here’s what happens during your initial 1 hour consultation: you and your designer meet, they tour your space, you guys chat. Then your designer follows up with a few design options for improving your home/office/whatever. They start with a one hour consultation so that their designer can understand your goals, needs and wants. Communication is the foundation to every healthy relationship!
Homepolish wants the relationship between you and their designer to be as stress-free and helpful as possible. If during the initial consultation, you and your designer don’t get along perfectly, Homepolish will tweak the matchmaking process and send another on the house. The initial consult is $50 or $80 (Junior and Senior rates). If you’re over it, there’s no pressure to buy hours after the consult.

3. Purchase your designer’s time:

One of the many reasons Homepolish is unique to the interior design world is because you purchase time by the hour. Every hour is spent working on what you need – from picking paint colors to sending you furniture options to renovating your loft. Whatever the size and however complicated your project is, they are there to help! Junior designers’ time costs $100/hour, Seniors’ cost $130/hour and they have two package options: a Single Day session (three hours) and The Design Package (as much time as you want with a minimum purchase of ten hours).

Save time and money, sign up with Homepolish and rework your space with an expert!

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