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Tips for Decorating for a Holiday Party

Tips for Decorating for a Holiday Party

If, like many other people, you plan to host a holiday party this year, there are some tips you should keep in mind about your décor. You have likely already considered things like the plates, glassware, the holiday theme of your home, and other usual décor elements. But there are some things you may have overlooked that can add greatly, not only to your party’s festive atmosphere, but also to your enjoyment of the party itself. Use these tips to get started hosting a great festive party that you will be proud of.

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Make Your Decor Shine

Sometimes we are so focused on the food for our holiday party that we forget to wow our guest visually, with amazing holiday décor! A great way to start is to choose your color theme are you going to go traditional with red and green or do a more modern take with white and blue or even purple and green. There really are so many options that you may never even think of, but adding that wreath to the door, that small holiday swag to the coffee or sofa table and providing some ambiance with candles is just the thing to put everyone is a holiday mood.


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Don’t Forget the Kitchen

Between preparing food and drink and cleaning up afterwards, Americans spend five hours of their own holiday parties in the kitchen, according to Add to this the fact that many party goers somehow always end up hanging out in the kitchen, and it’s easy to see that the kitchen needs to be just as festively decorated as other parts of your home. Try to think about ways to incorporate your holiday party décor into the kitchen so that you can enjoy your own party and so that guests who come into the kitchen will never have to leave the party atmosphere behind. If you are having a Christmas party, look for tiny Christmas trees that come with the lights pre-attached. You can plug a few of these in and arrange them on your counter tops for a fun décor that doesn’t take up much valuable counter space. You can also consider the ceiling of your kitchen as a frequently unused space that is prime for decorating. Hang tinsel or garland from the light fixtures in your kitchen, as long as you make sure that there isn’t any risk of fire. Adding décor to your kitchen will help you feel like you are still part of the party, even when you are in the kitchen preparing food or making drinks, or even when you are loading the dishwasher at the end of the night.


Make Food Accessible and Festive

While you have likely considered the importance of décor for your serving plates, napkins, and glassware, you may have neglected to think about decorating the area where the food will be and what serving dishing you will use. Will you make it easy with disposable holiday plates or go big with fine china? Use folding tables to create a buffet style food arrangement that is easily accessible throughout the party. You can then use the space between dishes to add décor, like small figurines of the season or beautiful holiday colored tea light or votive holders.

You can even make an inexpensive and festive tablecloth by using holiday wrapping paper. Wrap the top of each table in the same way you would wrap a present. You can even wrap the table in a bow and make the bow the centerpiece of your table arrangement. This presents the food you have prepared as a gift to your guests. The added bonus for you is that you won’t run the risk of ruining a beautiful, expensive tablecloth with food stains, and cleanup will be super easy, as all you have to do is rip off the wrapping paper and throw it away.

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Create a Table Centerpiece that WOW’s

Besides decorating your buffet you will also want to have an amazing centerpiece for where your guest will actually eat their food. There is one tried and true rule that I always stick to when doing a centerpiece. DO NOT make it tall. Keep it under eye level so that your guest can all see each other. You don’t want people having to look around things when they are trying to talk.

Decorating for a holiday party is one of the most fun parts of the preparations. Just make sure that you don’t neglect some of the other areas of your home you might not have considered, like your food arrangement and your kitchen. Add special touches in other rooms, too, like a small lighted tree in the restroom or holiday-themed hand towels. Light holiday scented candles throughout your home with smells like evergreen trees or cinnamon. Finding special ways to add little festive touches to your party will enhance the experience of all your guests and will make your home more festive even after the party ends.

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The Benefits of Sauna Treatments

Many cultures swear by the restorative benefits of a sauna, but in other parts of the world, the idea of sitting inside a boiling hot building and sweating seems insane. However, there are a number of health benefits associated with saunas that can be helpful for everyday people.

Because of the sweating they induce, saunas are able to cleanse the body of toxins. These toxins are flushed out through the pores of the skin — in many ways, a sauna session after a night of heaving drinking can help alleviate the hangover by flushing the toxins out. Care must be taken not to become dehydrated, however.

Weight loss.
Studies have shown that a 20 minute session in a sauna may burn as much as 500 calories. This is because the body’s metabolism speeds up to maintain the proper body temperature, inducing sweating to keep the body cool and having the same result as an intense workout.

Immune system.
The heat of the sauna triggers the body to begin producing higher amounts of white blood cells, which in turn fight to keep the body free of any outside invaders. This improves the overall strength of the immune system. Regular visitors to the sauna tend to get sick less often, and when they are struck by illness, they recover faster.

Athletes find that regular sauna sessions can help improve their performance and endurance, particularly during sports that require extended periods of intense activity. This is because their bodies have developed a tolerance to higher amounts of heat and will feel less fatigue as a result.

Less acne.
Chronic acne sufferers can benefit from sauna treatments. The regular sweating cleanses the pores and prevents infection inside the skin, which helps to alleviate symptoms and give the skin a more healthy glow.

These are just a few of the benefits of owning a sauna. There are many more, including a more youthful appearance, better hair, and a host of mental benefits. Saunas are a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to improve their health, but they do require maintenance. Learning the inner workings of a sauna and knowing where to acquire steam sauna parts is essential for keeping the sauna is proper working order.

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