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What Makes a house a colonial revival

Colonial architecture is unique to the United States. It is something that we created out of necessity and our own grand ideas. Colonial Revival Architecture is the most popular type of architecture in the United States. It combines many unique to the country elements such as an symmetrical appearance, the homes may have a gabled, hipped, or gambrel roofline, they also are large homes, usually two stores and you may recognize them by their notable decorative entrance.


What started the Colonial Revival?

In the 1840’s people started thinking more about the past then they had previously. They were ready and willing to find items from the past not only to collect, but to use in their home decorating. This also helped to slowly fuel a need to preserve our past and historic homes in the 1920’s. During this time not only were many plantations saved from ruin, such as  Monticello, Stratford Hall, Montpelier, and Oak Hill in Virginia, but this was also the time of the founding of Dearborn Michigan’s Greenfield village by Henry Ford and when John D. Rockefeller Jr started his preservation of Colonial Williamsburg.

The public felt at this time that America was at is best or had it’s Golden Age from the first Pilgrims on Plymouth Rock to about 1826 when the last 2 of the founding fathers passed. Furniture styles from the past such as Federal, Heppelwite and Sheraton were popular along with the more historic colonial style of William and Mary or Chippendale

During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s there became a new idea that the architecture and home furnishings would shape a persons character. People believed that if they wanted their children to be noble, honest, sincerity courage and strength, all colonial virtues, they need to surround them with colonial style homes and furnishings. At this time people believed that luxury and opulent furnishings would create lazy children who would crow into idle adults.

Now we know why this style of architecture and home furnishings became such a big part of American architecture, but how do you know your are looking at or living in a colonial revival home?


Features of a Colonel Revival Home
  • A symmetrical façade, but may have side porches or sunrooms on either or both sides.
  • Rectangular mass, most of the colonial revival homes are huge box looking structures. They don’t have much to them.
  • They are usually at least two stories high, some are three

  • Usually the will have a medium pitch, side-gable roof with narrow eaves. they may also have Hipped roofs and dormers.
  • Multi-pane double-hung windows with correctly proportioned shutters, they may also have bay windows.
  • The entrance is always centered and accented with columns, pilasters, pediment, and/or maybe hooded to create a covered porch.
  • The door may have sidelights or panels
  • Brick or wood clapboard is the most common siding found in Colonial Revival homes.
  • Other design elements you will see in this type of home may include classical columns, two-story pilasters, quoins at corners, dentil trim under eaves, or Palladian windows.

Colonial Architecture is simple yet very beautiful in it’s understated way. We have come to know many of these homes as a symbol of wealth and they will continue to be beacons to remember the past and what made the United States the country it is today.


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Odors are no more with Enviro Klenz Odor Eliminator

Odors are no more

Moving can be a hassle, not only do you want to clean the home you are leaving, but you want to clean the one you are moving into as well. This was me, though I was moving out of a home of a family member, I still felt that I should clean up as best I could before I left.

I also have two cute kittens and I knew they had left smells behind and that is why I was so excited to try Enviro Klenz Odor Eliminator. When I moved out a couple of weeks ago I was able to use this product to make all the cat smells go away, including where their litterbox was. When I went back over this weekend you had no idea the cats had been in that area.

I still use it in my new place, I have my cats litterbox in the main bathroom as that is the only place with room. The problem is that they are kittens and still like to go outside the litter box, even though it’s a tile floor it can still leave a smell so I clean it up and use some of the Enviro Klenz to make the smell go away. You of course have to keep your litter box clean to notice the difference.


I have also used the product in my kitchen and I love it there too. I cook a lot and I chop and dice and make my kitchen smell great, until dinner is done and all I smell is onion or garlic. Just a swipe of Enviro Klenze takes the odor away.

Now I have been talking about hard surfaces and using it there, but this is also a great product to use to freshen fabrics, just add it to a spray bottle and go. I have used it when I have people coming over to get rid of pet smells, I also have used it just to make my home smell good for myself.

I also bought a new mattress when I moved and I knew it was going to have that smell, you know that one that hits you and makes you open the windows and leave the room until it goes away, but it takes days to go away! Now it doesn’t just spray the Enviro Klenze on the mattress and the odor is gone! That is something that really sold me on this product, I work in a furniture store and that is something that is always an issue, people call all of the time saying there mattress has a smell, well I have just found a great solution that I and the sales staff can share with them!

Overall I really love this product and recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want chemicals in their home, this product is earth friendly! Something many of you know I am passionate about.

Check out this video about Enviro Klenze Odor Eliminator and then check it out for yourself.

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