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Get the right mattress with these 4 steps

mattress steps

When it comes time to purchase a new mattress for your bed, proper measuring must be done. If you do not measure your bed prior to purchasing a mattress you could find yourself with a new mattress that does not fit. Measuring your bed is a simple process and will ensure that you get a mattress that fits properly. Follow these tips for measuring:

1. Measure the length of the side board on your bed frame. If your sides are not even, measure the shortest side. Once you have this measurement you will need to subtract approximately 2 inches to get your true mattress length. The subtraction allows for bedding.


2. Next measure the distance between the blocks that hold your side boards to the headboard and the footboard. If your bed does not have these blocks, simply measure the distance between the outside edges of the side boards at the foot and the head of your bed. Use the shortest measurement if the two widths are not the same. You will need to subtract about 1 inch, again to allow for bedding. This is the width of the mattress that you need.

3. Now you will need to measure from the top of your bed rails that are nearest to the headboard to the spot on the headboard where you want the mattress to hit. This measures your mattress and box spring height.

4. Once you have done all of your measuring, determine the proper size of mattress based on the size of your bed. If your bed is oddly shaped or oddly sized, you may need to purchase your mattress from a custom shop that provides bedding that is not typical in size. Mattresses typically run the proper sizes but there can be a variation of about ½ inch or so. As long as you have properly measured your bed, it should not be difficult to purchase a mattress that perfectly fits the bed.

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Get an Amazing Nights Sleep With Casper

A good nights sleep is not something that many people think of when they are redesigning their bedrooms. They are thinking of style, colors and a bit about comfort, but really your not thinking about your mattress. This is a huge mistake and something everyone should really take the time to think about.

Are you noticing that your not sleeping well? Do you toss and turn at night trying to get comfortable? Well, that more then likely means that you need a new mattress. That of course means going to the store and being harassed by the pushy sales person. Spending an hour or so getting fitted for your mattress and then buying one that still does not work well for you and cost you way more then you wanted to spend.

The good news is now you don’t have to do that. Casper offers a mail order mattress with a 40 night trial! So now you can spend more time figuring out what colors to paint your room and having the energy to actually do it!

Check out this great video for more information.

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Your Home as a Canvas: Creative Art Pillows

The following is a guest post:

Creating an art filled home sometimes means thinking “off the wall”. When shopping for artful accessories and home décor consider ways to bring art into your home that do not require a frame or pedestal.  We’ve seen how art meets lighting in glass pendants that can bring a unique touch to your home through hand blown and art glass pendant shades and decorative bowls that add that just right amount of color.  Now we’re going to focus on another option that you might not have considered:  accent and throw pillows.

Artful options abound in accent pillows. Think of pillows as mini canvases.  Just like all the different types of paintings, pillows cover the gamut from traditional to abstract, modern to folk art.  No matter what your style, there is a throw pillow out there that will fit your home décor.  Like art on the walls, pillows bring color and pattern to a room.  Pillows are easy to swap out and cost less than a work of art, so let your creative side shine when picking accent pillows. Here are some of our favorite types of Creative Art Pillows:



Pillows with feathers are so unique and versitle. You can put them almost anywhere and they fit in both modern decor and traditional decor




Abstract designs look great in a modern room.  Focus on pattern and color that complements your sofa, bed or chair.


Dog Portrait


If you have a favorite breed of dog, cat or horse, think about including a needlepoint portrait pillow in your interior. There are even companies that will make a pillow of your own pet!

Botanic Print


Botanic prints are great on the walls so why not on pillows too?  From ferns to flowers, the pattern and colors of botanic print pillows mean you’ll find one that suits your style.




For a farmhouse or vintage style, folk art is a great fit. We like needlepoint and handcrafted pillows that have country themes like this one of a horse in a field.




Another option for a modern or contemporary look are these comfortable, yet modern pillows

Content provided by Arcadian Home Decor, a site that specializes in top quality home decor items at extremely affordable prices. Come visit us today!


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Kids Bedroom Inspiration, Create a Room Your Kids Will love

When it comes to decorating a kids bedroom it’s often very difficult to find some kind of inspiration as to just what style to go for. You have all your existing furniture – bed, dressing table, wardrobe and alike – and you need to find a way of incorporating them into the overall style of the room. However, this already complicated procedure takes on a whole new level of complexity when you’re trying to decorate a child’s bedroom.


A lot of children have particular tastes – they might be big football fans, maybe they’re dreaming of being a princess, they like a particular television show or perhaps they want to be a racing driver. Whatever they enjoy, that’s usually how they want their room to be decorated, showing off their tastes and what makes them happy. The problem with this is it is often particularly difficult to find the right decorations. How are you supposed to find wallpaper that has Sponge Bob on for example, or a particular paint with glitter mixed in? Nightmare!


There are a number of things you can do for a bit of inspiration, however, and many are based around the kind of furniture not just the color scheme. Check out online stores to see what your kids like and visit your local furniture stores to find furniture perfect for kids bedrooms. The furniture in your childs room, must be durable, you can’t feel it online and that is why I suggest you go to a store to actually buy the piece, or at least look at it there.

By the time you’ve put in the essentials – bed, drawers etc. – and then they’ve cluttered the whole floor with their toys and clothes you can find that there is very little space so you need to really think through your choices. Beds with storage underneath are just one way of doing this, allowing them to put their toys under the mattress. Blanket boxes are another great idea because they serve a dual purpose. You can store things inside, such as bedding, clothes or toys and then it can also be used as a seat so you don’t need to have chairs in the room that take up more room.


Getting inspiration for a kids bedroom doesn’t have to be hard. Think about what they like, the kind of things they wear, do or talk about and use this as the basis of your decorating plans. Space will always be compromised so try to avoid clutter, and also remember that they will start to grow up and they may outgrow what they like at the moment. They’re not always going to be SpongeBob fans or dreaming of becoming a princess!

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DIY Bedroom Ideas You Can Actually Do!

So I got some energy the other night and was a little bored so I decided to find some cool DIY Bedroom Ideas to share with you. This time I found some really amazing DIY bedroom ideas. A few of these don’t have instructions on how to do it, but it’s still awesome Interior Design inspiration for you and me too!

 Creative Ideas for Your headboard


Polka Dots anyone?


Awesome Lighted Headboard


Wooden Plank Wall


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Creating a Romantic-Style Bedroom

The following is a guest post:


These days bedroom decor is moving away from the traditional style of the usual bed with two night tables and dressers in all the same materials and style. Instead the trend is a more romantic feel using furnishings that create an ambiance of romance and escape.

Getting the Bed Right

Nothing adds an ambiance of romance to a bedroom quite like a canopy bed. If your bed doesn’t have a canopy frame, you can still create the same romantic effect. Attach curtain poles to the ceiling at the head and foot of your bed. You can now hang drapes or lace from the pole to create a romantic effect.

Bedroom Furniture

If you want to create a truly amorous atmosphere, the next important aspect after you have chosen your bed is your choice of furnishings. Romantic Amish and Shaker style influences from are currently very popular. All of their quality furniture is hand-crafted and made from hardwoods like white oak, maple, hickory and walnut.



The bed is the focal point of all bedrooms. The way to make your bed really romantic is to make it look as cozy and inviting as possible. You will definitely want to add soft sheets and plump, comfortable pillows to your bed, but don’t forget that the mattress is the most important part of the bed. Without a good mattress, a good night’s sleep is impossible.


Bedroom lighting should not be overly bright and stark. The best way to light your boudoir is with soft lighting that is filtered. You can achieve this by putting low watt bulbs into your existing fixtures or even using lightly tinted, opaque bulbs to give the room a rosy glow. A dimmer switch is great for the main light — that way you can adjust the light to set your own ambience. Of course you can’t beat candles for a truly romantic feel.


If you live in the city and there is a lot of noise outside from traffic or your neighbors have noisy children, choose thick drapes and curtains for your windows. Material such as velvet will help to keep those outside noises from creeping in.

Don’t Kill the Romance With Clutter

Nothing douses a romantic mood like clutter. Make sure you have adequate storage so that clothes, shoes and other accessories are not scattered over the floor or furnishings. If your bedroom is on the small side, keeping clutter to a minimum will also help it appear larger.

With these tips, you can take your drab bedroom to a comfort zone you’ll look forward to spending time in.

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Revamping Your Bedroom on a Shoestring Budget

The following is a guest post

Your bedroom is a very personal space where you seek solace after a very challenging and tiring day. As much as possible, you want it to be clean, restful and beautiful. As seasons change, the temptation to upgrade your bedroom is irresistible, but you do not want to spend so much for this.

A shoestring budget is actually possible to give your bedroom that great makeover. Adopt the following steps and experience how you transform your bedroom into something that you would really love:



1. Move Furniture Around

There’s no magic trick here as you only need some extra muscle power to reposition tables, chairs cabinets and your beloved bed. Choose your most favorite and useful furniture pieces that you want to retain in your bedroom and then come up with a layout plan.

Think where you want to place your bed – is it at the center, beside a wall or near a window if you have one? This is going to dictate on how many side tables, lamps and cabinets you want as well. If there are extra pieces that you don’t need anymore, consider placing them on other parts of your home first before totally getting rid of them.

2. Chic Pragmatism

If you need to buy some things like decorative cushions, curtains and new chairs to support your new design, always seek the best deals. Watch out for holiday and clearance sales that are sure to give you a great opportunity to buy what you need at very low prices. You can definitely achieve chic elegance for your bedroom within your budget reach.

3. DIY Designs

Tap into your creative self and let your imagination run wild. You will be surprised with what you can do when you let your natural instinct runs its course. Everything will come out easy as you bank on your personal style to rearrange your bedroom.

Also, creative people like you have a vast of knowledge to turn to as you look for DIY designs that is most practical and useful for you to use. It will just take resourcefulness on your end to choose how to mix and match the colors and various accessories to make your bedroom comfy and a place to revive your depleted energy.

4. Place Accent Pieces

Lastly, know how to play around with accent pieces. Choose carefully which blanket, clock, lamp, desk frame and a table can further enhance your bedroom’s beauty. Such accent pieces can lend the sophistication that would make your bedroom your inner sanctuary. Also, you would need sufficient finishing touches abilities to give your bedroom that modish makeover.

Maria Samuels loves to write about decorating ideas to help people make their homes more beautiful and comfortable. She works as a materials specialist at In Style Modern, a leading provider of high-end chairs, stylish noguchi table, starck ghost chairs and hanging egg chairs.

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Creative Children’s Room Ideas

The following is a guest post



(Photo courtesy of:


When decorating or updating your kid’s bedrooms it can be very tempting to stick to tradition; blue football themes for the boys and pink fairy themes for the girls.

However, with so much creative inspiration out there, it would be a shame not to break with tradition and unleash your creativity in order to create a personal special space or fantasy world for your little ones.

Try any one of these inspiring ideas to help turn your kids bedrooms from dull to dazzling in a weekend:

What’s special about your child?

Your child will have several hobbies or interests that are unique to them and you should use these ideas as the starting point for the theme of the room. For example, if your child is crazy about dinosaurs think about setting up a leafy camouflage den in the centre of the room filled with green cushions, blankets and dinosaur books for a cosy reading area. Set up a low shelf containing plastic boxes filled with sand and ‘real’ dinosaur bones, which could be dug up, like real palaeontologists.

Favourite days out

Do you remember that amazing day at the beach where you are your kids spent all day playing, eating ice creams, collecting shells and making sandcastles? Special moments like these can be captured and treasured by making a feature of them in your child’s bedroom. Paint the walls in neapolitan ice-cream coloured stripes and add fun accessories such as a brightly coloured deckchair or framed postcards or pictures from the day.

Make a display shelf and fill it with shells and driftwood collected from the beach, which can be added to over time.

Upcycle Furniture

If your garage is filled with old furniture and mementos from your childhood that you can’t bear to part with, then why not upcycle them, making them a feature of your little ones bedroom?

Your old bedframe or blanket box could be easily sanded down and given a fresh lick of paint and new lease of life. Don’t be afraid to change handles and add new accessories such as a hanging heart or funny sign.

Old furniture, which is perfect for upcycling can also be found on online auction sites and delivered via courier. This is a cheap and fun way to add character and a shabby chic vibe to bedrooms.

Make it even more special by asking your child to help with the project, this is a great way to help them feel involved and will offer you a chance to reminisce and chat about your childhood memories.

Blackboard Wall


If you have an entire wall free for decorating, or need a quick decorating suggestion that can be achieved in an afternoon, then why not try blackboard paint? It really is a child’s dream – a wall they can scribble on to their hearts content, without fear of being told off! Blackboard walls are also fantastic for parents to write reminders or funny notes to their children on – no more forgotten chores or missed homework!

Blackboard paint is widely available in most major DIY stores and is quick and easy to apply to walls.

This article was written by Kathryn Thompson, a freelance home décor and interiors writer. Kathryn enjoys upcycling old furniture purchased from online auction sites for her children’s bedrooms.

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Top 5 Principles When Designing Your Bedroom Interior


Designing the interior of a bedroom requires skill and patience. There are several things that have to be kept in mind to achieve the perfect look. Considerations vary depending on who the bedroom is being designed for. For kids, the interior designing is easy but not so for adults. Some principles for interior have been defined which have to be followed to the letter to achieve the perfect results. Here the top 5 principles when designing your bedroom interior.


Theme Defines the Room

Choosing a theme for your bedroom is important. The theme defines how each element of the interior decoration would fall into place. The theme is a blueprint for how the room is going to shape up and the ambience it will have. There are many themes available, some which have been around for centuries while some are relatively modern. Selecting a theme will make the interior designing easier because you will know the boundaries in which you have to work. You can be creative with regards to the theme you select.

Color is the King

Selecting the right color for your bedroom can be challenging. Every bedroom theme has a set of colors for you to choose from but sometimes people want something different. The color is important because the paint, decoration and furniture have to be according to the color. The traditional colors such as white, blue and red can be chosen. You can be a little flashy and go for aqua blue, brick red, sunflower yellow or any other variation. The options are pretty much endless when it comes to choosing colors for your bedroom.



Furniture Cannot Be Ignored

The furniture has to gel in with the room. Rather than filling up your room with furniture, you have to choose furniture according to your needs. If you are sleeping alone, you don’t need a king size bed. It is only going to take up space. The less furniture you have, the easier it will be for it to blend in with the color and theme of the room. Furniture has to be in sync with the theme you select.

Space Accentuates Ambience

A cluttered bedroom with lots of furniture does not give a good impression. Furniture has to be adequate but the room has to have some space left over. This might not be a problem for large bedrooms but small and medium sized bedrooms don’t have much space once the furniture has been put in. Space accentuates the ambience of the bedroom so keep this in mind.


Accessories to Add a Little Zing

After all the other elements have been taken care of, you can look at a few accessories to add a little zing to your room. From paintings, pictures and decoration pieces to fancy lights and rugs and carpets can all be included to enhance the feel of your bedroom. Accessories are secondary as compared to the other principles.

These are the top 5 principles you have to follow when designing your bedroom interior.

Chris is an experience interior designer specializing in bedroom decoration at Christophe Living. He loves matching modern interiors with antique furniture.

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Luxuries in Your Bedroom

My bedroom is my getaway, I can go in there and relax without worrying that I’m going to be uncomfortable. If your looking for the same feeling in your bedroom I have a few great tips for you. The first is to make sure your room stays organized and clean. I do struggle with this myself. I drop a lot of things in my room and I don’t have a place to put it all. I’m working on storage for all of my things and that has helped.


The next thing you want to do is invest in luxury sheets, when you sleep you want to sleep well so that you can feel ready for the day. I have 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets on my bed and I love them! They are soft, silky and feel amazing against your skin. If your not a cotton person find sheets that work well for you.

The last tip is the expensive one. Buy a new mattress. I know your thinking I have no money, but if you can get a new mattress and your mattress is over 10 years old you need to get a new one. Make sure you lay on the mattress and try it as long as you can in the store before you buy. This way you know your going to love the mattress and sleep on it for a long time.

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Buying A Mattress

There are many ways you can buy a mattress, but if your looking for a great one you want to follow a few different steps. One thing you have to remember when you buy a mattress is that shopping at a mattress sale can be both good and bad. When your sale shopping you don’t always look at what is best for you, but what is cheapest. Now I’m not saying that you can’t buy something cheap, but you want to make sure it’s going to last for a while and give you a good nights sleep.

I actually got my mattress at a Simmons mattress sale and I love it, but I also took the time to make sure it would work for me for many many years. I bought my mattress six years ago and it’s still in great shape. I laid on mine and I spent time on it before I bought it and that helped a lot. Now though they have sites like Coast to Coast mattress that have a Mattress Advisor tool that can help you pick out the best mattress for you. All from your own home. Though I’m not a huge fan of buying a mattress online I do see the benefit in it. The downside is that you can’t lay on the mattress, but you can go to a local store and check out the ones that are suggested to you. The best part is Coast to Coast offers free shipping, so your not having to worry about that. The best part is it’s shipped right to your home.

Would you buy a mattress online?

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How to Decorate a Bedroom

The bedroom is your haven. It is a place you go to relax, unwind and have privacy. While guests and visitors see your main living areas, the bedroom is all yours. Because of the personal nature of this room, how you decorate it is important to how you feel. From the bed to the blinds to the decor, this room should reflect your unique personality.



Know Yourself

You can take several different approaches to decorating a bedroom. However, what works for one person may not be the best idea for another. In order to match your bedroom decor with your needs, you should know what fits your personality. Does a muted colour scheme relax you, or are you refreshed by brighter shades? Do you appreciate natural elements or prefer shapes that have movement and energy? Before you make any permanent decisions, try out some possibilities, and see how they make you feel. 

Trendy or Timeless?

Each season, there are new trends in home decor. Different colour schemes come and go, and homeowners see similar elements and themes in home decor products. Look at the current trends to get inspiration. Keep in mind that using trendy elements in your bedroom can make it dated after a few years. If you want an edgy bedroom, use a neutral colour palette for your basics; pick blinds, draperies, paint and furniture that stand the test of time. This will make it easy to change smaller elements when the trend has passed. Also, if you don’t see anything that catches your eye when exploring the trends, feel free to pass them by for classic bedroom decor. 


Bedroom Budgets

If you are like most homeowners, you are probably working with a budget when decorating a bedroom. In order to make your money go as far as possible, you will want to invest in the decor items that give the most impact to your room.

  •  Flooring –If you have hardwood floors, a throw rug is an inexpensive way to add colour and comfort.
  • Bedding – Your bedding should be both comfortable and beautiful. If you are on a tight budget, choose a comforter and matching pillowcases over a full bedroom set.
  • Window Coverings – Changing your window coverings is a quick way to change the feel of your room. Start with neutral blinds, and dress them up with drapes or curtains.
  • Accessories – Adding accessories with personality is a great way to make your bedroom come alive. They are also easy to replace when you want a change of scenery.

A Note About Storage

Not every home has an abundance of space. If your bedroom is small, you might find that your personal belongings are taking over your sanctuary. Small bedrooms mean that organization is of the utmost importance. Don’t be afraid to add vertical storage where it makes sense. Both your closet and the wall space are good places to add storage.

A lot of thought goes into decorating a bedroom space. Keep an eye on the budget and basic design principles. Ultimately, whatever you choose should make you happy and comfortable, so follow your instincts.

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Tips for Decorating Your Grandchild’s Bedroom

Children know what they like and what they don’t like- that much is true. Once they get above the age of four or five, they know how they want their bedroom. If the walls of their room have always been yellow or pink, they might feel it is “babyish” and yearn for a different colour. There are many things you can do as a grandparent to help your grandchild decorate their bedroom so that it feels like it truly belongs to them.

First, suggest the idea to your grandchild. It could be that he or she has been thinking of ideas for a long while, or perhaps it has never crossed his or her mind. Either way, your grandchild will become excited about all the possibilities. There may be quite a few far-fetched or even impossible ideas they tell you. It is important to gently rein in their wild imagination and offer a few examples of what can be done.

Paint colour is important to establish before anything else. Does the grandchild want something bright and colourful? Dark and mysterious? Or does he simply not care? Grandchildren aged six and above will probably have a specific colour in mind. Boys tend to go for more neutral colours like tan, black, navy blue, or off-white. Girls are more likely to choose wild and fun colours like pink, green, blue, yellow, or orange.

Once the paint has been chosen, make a fun day out of decorating the room! Your grandchild will love to use the big roller to paint and will enthusiastically help you all day long.

Kid's Twin Size GI Child Bunk Bed w/Slide & Tent

After paint, you can take your grandchild to pick out some new items for their room. These could include:

– a different style of bed (trundle, bunk bed, etc.)
– a colourful comforter
– matching drapes
– a wallpaper border with their favorite animal or action hero
– a bedside table
– a desk
– a computer
– lamps or other lighting
– a bookcase
– a shoe organizer
– a personalized wall decal

Once the furniture is in place, take a look at the walls. Is there any empty space? It’s a great idea to frame some of your grandchild’s more impressive works of art and hang them up on the wall. That way, he or she can be proud of the work and show it off to all his or her friends. If your grandchild is not an artist, take the time to find out his or her interests. If he or she is into ponies or the SpongeBob TV show, get a couple posters that features these. Your grandchild will love to look at them and see the things he or she likes most in the brand new room.

Sometimes your grandchild might not know what he or she wants. Be patient, make suggestions, and give choices. Grandchildren can be picky or finicky, but with a little patience, you can redecorate their room and have a good time doing it.

Sarah writes for Homes With Care, who provide a unique and dedicated service that helps inform interested parties on the availability of assisted living facilities, retirement homes for sale and rent offering integrated close care, close care, extra care and independent living.

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What Kind of Bed Fits You?

Many people assume that a king size bed is better then any other bed and that is the size they need to get for their home. This is not the case as many times you don’t need that big of a bed and actually a bed that size could hurt your relationship along with your interior design plan.

Because of this a have seen a few companies like Bed Star that are now telling you who will fit in your bed by giving you a length along with size. You want a bed your comfortable in, but you also want to be sure it will fit in the room you have it in, with space all around it. Nothing is worse then having a nice big bed that you have to crawl over someone to get in and out of.

My rule for a bedroom is there must be at least 1-1/2 to 3 feet between the bed and the wall on all sides, but the headboard or head area. This gives you room to move, room for a night stand on both sides and it will keep you from waking up your partner in the middle of the night.

What kind of bed do I have? I have a queen size bed and I love it. It’s be enough that I have room to sleep, but doesn’t keep me miles from my partner and doesn’t take up so much space that I can’t move around my bedroom.

Comment: What size bed do you have in your bedroom?

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Guest Room Design

Having a guest room can be a great addition to any home. It makes people feel welcome and they will want to come visit you more often. Of course this does mean that you will have guest in your home a lot, but if that’s your end goal then you want a well designed guest room.

First I would recommend a double bed, a double bed mattress is not too expensive and the size of the bed is perfect for singles and couples. It also doesn’t take up too much space so you can fit a small dresser in the room as well. You also want to make sure you have a night stand with a lamp for reading. You could also have a scent warmer or candle in the room to create a wonderful smelling space.

Space for your guest room should be a good size, do not use a closet or a room close to the size of a closet, this will not make your guest feel welcome. People like bigger spaces, but if you don’t have a good enough space you may want to think about skipping on the guest room.

Paint color is also something you want to really want to go easy on, no bright colors in your guest room, you want neutral and calming colors. Blues, greens, grey and beige are perfect for any guest room since most people are okay with these colors and they won’t feel like there in some strange place.

How have you decorated your guest room? What colors and furnishings did you use?

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Save Some Space in Your Bedrooms

With everyone downsizing their homes and moving into smaller spaces the once dominate king and queen size bed is starting to go away. Now more and more people are looking at double beds to fill their master bedroom so that it still feels big and you actually have room to move around a little. It can be a good thing, I know a few people who have sad that the double bed has improved their relationship because now they have to sleep closer and they found that bedding for a double is a lot cheaper then for a king or queen bed.

Another great way to save space in a room is to use bunk beds for kids or a daybed with a bed under it for guest. It’s fun for kids to have these items because of the wow factor, bunk beds now have more then just two bed, they have desk, game areas and even castles attached for kids to play in. They are a lot more fun and stylish then they use to be and are still a great way to save space.

Of course your last option for space saving in the bedroom is to get rid of stuff. If you have a closet buy an organizer and get rid of your dresser. Buy a nightstand that doubles as storage for your socks and other unmentionables. The biggest space saver of all though is cleaning, make sure your bedroom is clean and it will feel a lot bigger.

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Turn Your Office Into a Guest Room

Or you can turn your guest room into an office, whichever one fits what you need now. You may have seen on many TV shows that “you should always have one purpose for each room in your home” but with today’s economy people are downsizing and that means rooms will start to have more then one function again.

If this describes you at all I have some great interior design tips that will make it easier for you to compact your space but still have room to move. One way to do this is to combine your guest room and office. If your mostly looking for an extra room when the kids or grand kids come to visit then this is a great way to save space.

Here are a few tips to help you design your new office/guest room

  • Use Divan Beds or day beds instead of an actual bed
  • Use a small desk and an all-in-one computer or laptop to save space
  • Store office supplies on one side of the closet and leave the other for guest
  • Make sure to have candles and extra towels on hand to make guest feel welcome
  • Buy a lot of organizational devices to keep the room looking neat at all time.

These are just a few tips I have to share with you. Mostly you want to keep the room as clean as possible for those surprise guest you may get.

Do you have any tips for combining an office and guest room?

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Bedroom Design Done Right

I know many of you out there want a king size bed and Double Mattresses to go with it, but sometimes designing your bedroom right means that you can not get that king size bed or that mattress because you just don’t have enough room. Recently I had a reader contact me with a question about their bedroom. They told me what was in it and what size it was. I realized that they had a king size bed in a standard size room. It just does not work. I told them to get rid of the bed and buy a queen or double. Not only do most people not need a king size bed but sleeping closer can make your closer as a couple so there’s more then just space to consider.

The “King Size” mentality does not always stop at the bed, so many people think bigger is better, a huge dresser, TV or closet is a must for many people but having a TV in the bedroom can cause problems with sleep and communication and that huge closet just makes you buy more clothing that you don’t need. Now I love clothing as much as the next girl, but you need to think about what you actually wear and how much space you really need. That huge dresser also could be brought down to size by looking again at what you really wear and what you can get rid of.

The couple I corresponded with was grateful for my advice and tips. They informed me that they were able to create the space they needed to feel comfortable in their room and have found they sleep so much better now. That my readers is how great interior design can change your life.

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Sweet Dreams of a New Headboard

Headboards can make or break a bedroom, when you say you love someones bed, your not talking about the mattress but the headboard and framing. Cheap Headboards yet quality headboards can be hard to find, but they are out there and available to everyone you just have to look for them. You can find them at discount stores, thrift stores and even online, you just have to take the time to look for them. Great interior design is not just about putting things together, but spending a lot of time finding those things.

I found this really nice and modern headboard and I think this would be the perfect addition to any modern bedroom. It’s different then many metal headboard I have seen and I really like the clean simple lines it creates. Add in some matching curtain rods and lighting fixtures and you have a whole new room at very little cost. Don’t forget to add some plants, artwork and a few candles to create a very relaxing environment for you to fall to sleep in.

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Sleep Better For Less

I have been looking at Cheap Beds for a friend of mine, she is in need of a bed, but can not spend a lot of money. She asked me to look around for her as she knows nothing about bed shopping and can never seem to find deals like I can.

You can get great beds for little money if you know where to look, maybe you always shop at the same places for your bed and other furniture so you don’t always find great deals. When it comes to my home though I always shop online and at brick and mortar stores to find the best prices and deals for what I’m shopping for.

I not only found my friend a great bed at an even better price, but I found amazing comforters, pillows and other accessories to complement her purchase, the best part was that I still came in way under budget and she’s very happy with the results. I think I have made this friend of mine finally realize that sometimes you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great looking room and quality furniture to go in it. Sometimes you just have to do a little research and spend a little more time finding what works for you.

Have you bought furniture online? Share your experience!

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