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Why a Career in the Art Industry?

A career in the art industry can mean many things to different people. For some, a successful career involves working at a design company. Others may prefer to work for an advertising agency. Still, you might be among the ones who desires to have your own art gallery. Owning your own business in this industry is even better when you want to use your talent and passion for art to create your own. While this sounds like a terrific idea, starting a business in any field can be stressful and fraught with difficulties. Nonetheless, overcoming the obstacles that an aspiring art business faces is very rewarding.

Understanding Basic Principles to Running a Business

One constant for most artists who decide to run their own business is admitting that selling art is not the hardest part. Many will tell you that the trick is to grasp the basic tenets of business. Things look different when you are at the steering wheel.Any independent venture requires more focus on the smallest thing that could lead to success or failure. The goal of every business is to make a profit. For this to occur, you need to accurately price your art so that it sells. Beyond the sales, you also need to know how to manage accounts payable and receivable, among other things that can help you keep the doors open.

Build a Network of Successful Art Business Owners

Any type of support system that you can maintain will help you during seemingly dark moments. Networking with other industry professionals who have overcome the challenges you will face can make a big difference. Their insights and warnings are invaluable. Why learn a lesson firsthand when you can avoid pitfalls learned from someone else’s mistakes?In addition to offering advice, networking may potentially increase your customer bases and brand exposure.Things can go wrong even if you have the best structure in place. However, having multiple art professionals with whom you can reach out to for support can make those challenges a little easier to bear.

Never Give Up on Yourself

No matter how much talent you bring to the business, starting from scratch can stretch you beyond certain limits. However, always remember what motivated you to start the art business. If you believed in yourself then, continue to believe that you will build a successful business. Your creativity in making this venture work will eventually pay off in positive dividends.

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Start an Interior Decorating Business Online

0183InteriorDesignBusinessIS11314028250I have been looking at starting my own design business again. I kind of have one going, but the area I live in keeps me from doing too much. Because of this small town problem I have decided that I am going to look into getting a business set up online. Currently I am working on getting images of the work I have done and then it’s time to set up the website.

I’ve been looking at to host my site as I would like to keep it separate from my blogs and I know it will be easier to do if the host are different. I know that having a good webhost is important when you want to get a business going! You need to keep that site up at all times and make sure people can see what you can do, where you can do it and how you can do it. They also need to be able to contact you and they can’t if they don’t know how.

If you have dreams of being an interior designer or decorator share how you would start your business. If you have already started your own how did you do it? Did you start online or with friends?

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Blog Problems and Models

I have not been able to post the last few days due to upgrade complications and a busy life. As you can see I have fixed the complications and my life should slow down a little now. I know I missed Furniture Friday again, but it will be back this Friday.

That said, last week was my last week of classes for a while. I’m happy to have some time though I plan on getting a lot done over my break. I do have a great picture of my model. Something I have spent a lot of time on and stayed up for 38 hours to finish. A model is something that many interior designers do if a client wants to physically see something, of course you do have to pay for the time put into it.Let me know what you think of my model. I’m still working on it as it was not complete to my standards when it was due.


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Earn Your Interior Design Degree

Have you been interested in interior design, but have no idea where to start? Well if your like me and want a real interior design job you need to know what education you really need. Some states require that you go to school to be an interior designer, so do not but many of these have legislation in progress to change this.

Interior designer vs. Interior decorator

An interior decorator is someone who fluffs and decorates a room. They make things look pretty with paint, furniture and so on. Many decorators have little or no schooling, but are good at what they do. There are programs for interior decorating certificates, but please keep this in mind, having this certificate does not make you an interior designer.

An interior designer is someone who has gone though at least two years of formal education. In most states it is also someone who has passed the NCIDQ exam and has had out of school training with a certified interior designer. Interior design degrees are offered all over, but find one that is a good fit for your and your lifestyle. Certified interior designers are able to design small homes, knock down walls and usually have a background in architecture.

If your looking to get into the field of design find out which type of career fits your needs, if you want to just paint and do cosmetic work on homes a decorating certificate is right for you, but if you dream of designing hotels, restaurants or cruse ships check out an interior design school near you.

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Summertime Fun In An RV

What does an RV have to do with interior design? Well everything, did you know that you can get paid as an interior designer to design the inside of an RV? New RVs are stylish and fun to use. Some are even designed to be environmentally friendly. This about this as a career for a minute. It’s fun as you can help a family connect and grow with your design. Just picture them in their RV camping, fishing and getting to know each other, something many families now don’t do.

Another great reason to get into the RV field for design is not only do families use RV’s so do many celebrates. You can design the next rock and roll RV or maybe one for a rapper or country artist. Most of the time it is the music industry that uses them, but if your a nascar fan, like me you may be interested in designing one for a driver or crew chef. Definitely a career to think about right?

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Interior design, it’s not just about homes

Some people think that once your an interior designer that is all you will do, but in most cases interior designers do so much more. One designer I had a chance to talk to not only does interior design work but she own her own salon and spa. So really you can do anything once you get that design degree. You could design luggage, rugs or bedding. You also could run a restaurant or other business.

A big reason for this is that interior designers also need to know a good part about general business practices. They need to have an idea of laws and codes and are really the perfect person to run any type of business. They know how to design the space to work for the business and what goes into it. So if your thinking of getting a design degree check it out, you can do so much more then just put paint on walls and make a place look good.

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Selling Floor Plans

I found out the other day that I may be able to design homes and sell them. I like this idea, but it takes a lot of time to do all of the planning. I would have to draft out everything, decide where plumbing and lighting and everything goes and then sell these plans to people. That would mean I would have to find someone to buy them. I of course could also put an ad in the paper or online and design on a customer basis, this would make me feel better, but I know right now it’s not something that would make much money in my area.

This is an example of what an interior designer with a bachelors degree can do. We can design homes, inside and out. We can make plans and actually have these homes built. Most of the time you want the approval of an architect or engineer for your plans, but you don’t have to have that. If this is something that interest you, you will need to know how to draft and general building codes, you also want to put a clause on your plans that say they need to be reviewed by a local contractor or engineer as building codes vary by area.

The best part about this job is that you can work from home and be your own boss. Not a bad situation I think.

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Wedding design and interior design

I have met many people who have gone to school for interior design and become wedding planners or help design wedding chapels and so on. This area of design has always seemed like a fun thing to do for me until I think about how many brides get angry or become monsters. Even then I wouldn’t mind doing it. I have thought about specializing in this field before, but I have never had enough money to do so. You have to have money to start a business like this. Not a lot, but a good amount.

Being a wedding designer requires many different things, you have to find interesting wedding table decorations that fit the theme and the bride and grooms taste. Something like wedding plant favors that you can personalize. You also have to have good contacts in the wedding industry and come up with good wedding favor ideas.  Many times you are asked to do things that you may not know much about. You also have to be able to eat cake, this is where I would have a problem as I can’t taste cake all day, but I could find ways around it. This is not an easy job, but if your someone who likes creativity and a job that constantly changes this could be a design Field for you.

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Fly Away with a Design Job

Interior design is just not about homes, sometimes it’s about the business you visit and how you feel in them. An example would be an Airport Lounge. You want to feel comfortable enough if your there for a few hours, but you don’t want people to feel comfortable enough not to want to leave. Unless your doing a club section.

The same thing goes with the plan you fly in. Most commercial airplanes are about the same, but did you know that interior designers actually are involved in the design of these planes? If you didn’t your in for a surprise, many time people with interior design degrees help design the inside of these planes. Of course many don’t do much commercial work, they usually design private jets for corporations or wealthy people. These are people who want bars, tv’s and beds in their planes. They use them to go anywhere and want the same comfort on board as they have at home. How about that for a job?

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Strange design

I was talking with a women I use to go to school with a few minutes ago. She is in Florida on a project for a truck accident lawyer. She said he was a very strange person who wanted his office to have pictures of burning trucks all over it. She eventually talked him out of that idea and he now just has one from a case he won a few years ago. It has an article to go with it so it works.

As an interior designer my old classmate runs into many strange people. She said it’s really part of the job. She was one of 10 hires at her firm and after almost a year she is the only one left. The other girls decided they wanted to be decorations, not designers. They wanted to go into homes and choose furniture and fabric. Pretty much their goal was to be on HGTV as one of the crafty show host. I feel bad as they spent a good amount of money to get though school only to figure out they didn’t like it. Our school required an internship and even though mine was horrible there is still a good reason for it. You learn if your field is really something you want to go into. Schools that don’t require it to graduate leave you on your own to figure that out so if your looking into the interior design career I suggest contacting a designer and seeing if you can job shadow them for a day, just so you can see interior design is not like trading spaces or some of the other shows on TV. It’s much, much more.

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Spa Design

I have always been interested in designing spa’s. Not the kind you sit in at home, but the ones you go to and relax and enjoy yourself. I love the idea of helping people to calm down and unstressed. I keep thinking I should try to design and open my own one day. I would love to and right now the area I live in could use one. It’s a small town, but people don’t have anywhere to go to really relax and get pampered.

I know I’m strange but I find myself planning it all out in my head, like where the ellipticals and weight benches will go or where I’m going to put the restaurant with the wonderfully tastey spa cuisine? I guess thats why I’m going to school for interior design I think about these things so much.

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Codes Codes and more Codes

A few days ago I wrote about places that Interior Designers could design. Someone emailed me and asked me how hard it would be to design a drug rehab center? They couldn’t understand why they would need an interior designer to do that. I’m not going to go into all of the details, but I will tell you a few reasons why.

The big one, and the title of this post is codes. There are many many codes involved in any hospital type building. Yes drug rehab is considered a hospital to put it simply. You have to know what is allowed and what is not such as:

  • Do the hallways have to be a certain length or width?
  • How should the fire exist be marked.
  • Are Sprinkler systems required.

Another reason Interior designers may design a drug rehab center is that you need it to feel comfortable and like home. These people are sick, they need a good environment in order to get well.

Of course there are many more technical reasons for designers to be involved in this type of design, but without a book in front of you to reference you wouldn’t understand half of what I’m telling you. So just believe me when I say Interior designers are very important when designing most types of buildings.

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Things to think about when starting a design business

If your thinking of starting a home based interior design business there are many things you will need to think about. Not just what your desk is going to look like or if you can write off that coffee pot you have been wanting, but real world stuff that many people don’t think about.

One of the most important things to do is to talk to your local tax person. Find out what you can claim, what you can’t, and what you might be able to. They know what there doing trust me.

Think about the cost of individual health insurance. Your going to need it because home based workers don’t get health insurance unless they are married and their spouse does. You should also think about liability insurance, yes you can be sued. It actually happens a lot more then you think.

Local codes. Make sure it is okay to have a home based business. Most places allow them, but you have to check. If your going to be meeting with clients in your home you may have to change a few things first.

These are just a few things to think about. There are many more things on the huge list of what to do before you start a home business, but these are 3 important ones. Good luck

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5 Buildings designers may design

Interior designers don’t just fluff pillows and put up paint. If your a regular reader of this blog then you know this already. If your new to this blog well this may be news to you.

The following is a list of 10 building interior designers may help design. Most of these buildings will also have the assistance of an architect and an engineer. As a designer you work with many types of people and you must be able to get along well with others.

Shopping Malls, this also includes separate store design and food court design

Clubs, They types vary but think dance club, country clubs, bars and more.

Restaurants, this is a huge industry for interior designers. It’s a specialized industry and one of the hardest ones to do

Hospitals, Yes even hospitals are designed with an interior designer. Have you been to the new maternity wards in hospitals. They are very spacious and comfortable for families. This area also includes drug rehab centers and mental health centers.  Hospital design is the hardest area of the interior design professions

Schools. This is another hard area for designers to get into, usually your not allowed to design a school until you have worked with a school designer for at least 10 years. You may be able to pick out a desk before then though.

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A Traveling Designer

Many people may see an interior designer as someone who decorates a home and works in a cute little shop. Most interior designers are not this way many have to pack up their clothes and head off to other states or countries to work. One of my teachers has been to France, China and Egypt for interior design jobs. Many of these lasted around 6 months. Most of the time they are for major business, like hotels and corporations.

I am really not into that type of design, even though hotel design could be fun. I don’t think I could stay in a hotel that long. I like staying at home and knowing where everything is. I know that many people though prefer to travel to exotic places and get paid to do it too. I’m not saying I wouldn’t travel, I would just prefer not to be gone for long periods of time. I don’t think that will be too hard for me as I plan to do mostly personal homes, not big corporations.

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A fun part of design

I hope this blog inspires you not only to create great design in your home, but that for anyone interested in a career it shows you some of the real things interior designers do. That is why this blog seems to jump around a lot.

That said I am going to once again give a great tip out for anyone who is interested in becoming an interior designer. Get a GPS system! Why, well yesterday I went to find a old friends new home, I was going to be meeting another interior designer there so that I could do a job shadow. Well I could not find the house and when I finally did the designer was gone. Part of it was that my friend gave me bad directions, the other part was that there street was not an official street so when I looked up the directions on yahoo they sent me to the other side of town where the street name she gave me actually is.

I’m sure this may be something that happens alot, you can’t count on the Internet to give you accurate information, the street I live on is not listed on any map site luckily the street it attached to is and it’s out in the country so there’s not much confusion. If your an interior designer trying to find a home, A GPS system may help you more then any Internet map would. I plan on buying a new car soon and it will have a GPS in it.

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Going to church

Church restoration is yet another thing that interior designers do. They may restore an old church that is an historic site or they may just be helping to redo a church they needs to be updated. They also may be helping to design the church from the start.

There are many things that are involved in designing a church, you need pews and tables and of course the grand alter. You need carpeting that will hold up to the large number of people involved in church services and children. Churches are a place of worship so you may also want to make sure there is plenty of light, so windows are a must. Of course what church would be complete without some sort of stain glass windows?

So if you love the look of a church maybe you should think about designing one. It could be inspiring!

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Traveling and Design

If you don’t like to travel then interior design as a profession may not be for you. I did an internship two years ago where one of the designers was always going somewhere, I think this is one reason that the internship did nothing for me. I did spring cleaning the whole time.

I did learn one thing though, you travel when your a designer. Sometimes it’s good sometimes it’s not. This designer went to a few different places in the month I was there. He went to Florida, Texas and the Outer Banks in North Carolina a few times. These were all clients who had either heard of his work from others or lived in Michigan at one time and moved.

I also know of a few designers who have traveled the world, spending months in China, France or other parts of Asia and Europe. All paid for by there companies. I like this idea as I would love to see the world. Of course in order to design in other countries you need to know there rules and codes, but I have heard that the United states has some of the strictest codes around. So maybe it wont be too bad.

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The Joy of teaching

One thing I know I will be doing with my design degree is teaching. I hope to be able to come back to a school and teach new designers what I have learned and done over a few year. I actually hope to do this quickly as I have always wanted to be a teacher.

Interior designers learn alot about life though there job. They learn about people, there likes and dislikes and how to make the world a better and more productive place. Why not share that with the next generation in the classroom.  I think of my teachers as my role models. They provide me with knowledge and in site into the real world. They give me the strength to continue what I am doing even if I want to give up and I would like to to the same for others. If you enjoy design and maybe wouldn’t mind teaching. You should think about being an interior design professor. There are also many high schools that offer interior design classes that need teachers to teach them.

Help open the minds of a new group of designers, be a teacher and do something that most people would never think of when they hear the words Interior Designer.

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Chain Store Designer

Have you ever wondered why most stores look almost the same? Well there designed that way. Yes I know Duh, but did you know that this is something interior designers do? Yep those people who only know how to fluff pillows and put paint on a wall actually do come up with designs for these types of stores.

There are many chain stores out there just go to any mall and you’ll find most of them. With many of these types of stores you need to notice them out of a group. That is where an interior designer may come into play. They will chose the layout and colors. The lighting and what the outside will look like. They want something eye catching and stylish. Think of your favorite store, what drew you in to began with? My favorite is hot topic. They have a look that draws your eyes to the store, the same idea is done with the bath and body works stores. I’m not sure if an interior designer did design these stores, but they may have.

As a designer you could be working on many different things you could design a whole store around Nike golf or you could have just a section that is all about the shoes.

Interior designers do so much more then just paint. They really create a way for business to draw in there customers and make them feel like there shopping in an exclusive store.

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