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Feng Shui your home for Valentines Day

Are you single this year and looking for a way to boost your love life? Did you know that your home décor can have a huge impact on you meeting someone? Feng shui your home for valentines day and you may just find someone to spend that day with. This is no guarantee but what do you have to lose?

peony in vase


For love the southwest corner of your home is your friend.

Use reds in this corner to help increase your love luck. You can also add plants of any type to help activate this corner.

Keep family pictures out of this area, move them to the south east corner instead.


My five tips to use feng shui in your home for Valentines Day


Valentines Bed


  1. Use Peonies around your home. They don’t have to be real, but if you do use real make sure you keep them healthy and alive. Dead Peonies will not help you.  Choose ones you like, they don’t have to be any certain color.
  2. Make sure you don’t have to many girly items in your home. To much female yang energy will not help attract the male yin energy you want. Change pink colors to a blue or gray and get rid of too much lace. Pick a few things to get rid of to even out the energy in your home, but don’t get rid of everything.
  3. Place a crystal over your bedroom door. This helps keep your relationships strong and increase your bonds, for both friends and lovers.
  4. In the South West corner of your bedroom set aside a small area and decorate it for the kind of relationship you are looking for.   You can place paintings or pictures that symbolize the type of relationship you are looking for. If you want an affectionate one, place a picture of a couple hugging or kissing.  If you are in a relationship and want to improve it, place a photo of the two of you smiling at each other!
  5. Buy your furniture in pairs for your bedroom  Two matching lamps, two matching side tables and any other major thing you buy. Keeping things in pairs keep the idea of sharing and promotes someone else being there.

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Feng shui and changing your life

A few months ago I decided I was going to try something out. I needed to make more money so that I could pay bills. I decided to try one method at a time to see if I could make more money using feng shui.

I planted some seeds and set them in the south east corner of my home. Unfortunately they didn’t take off very well and I had to try again. This time they took off and so did my income. I was able to get an auditing job, advertising offers on my blogs and more. I now I’m going to try planting more seeds just to see what happens. I love plants anyway and want more in my home so it’s not a big deal. The next thing I am going to do is try to also boost my career luck by adding blue to the north area of my home. Luckily for me that is my desk and work area so who knows what may happen.

Feng shui is a great way to enhance your home even if it doesn’t help you to be successful it will help your home look and feel better and I’m sure if your reading this blog that is what you are really after.

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Use Feng Shui to sell your home

I was reading an interesting post on yahoo this morning about how a couple decided to hire a fung shui expert to make some minor changes to their home. It cost them about $250 for the expert, but a few weeks later they found a buyer after 2 years of trying to sell.

Do I think fung shui had something to do with it, yes I do. It’s not some mystical reason fung shui makes a home more inviting. It makes the person coming into it want to stay forever. The reasons are simple many of the fung shui practices are things that would make most people calm and happy. Adding plants and letting in sunlight are just two ways to help. De cluttering is another, but these are pretty well known ways to help sell a home. The following are other ways you can use fung shui to sell a home.


  1. Rearrange your furniture so that it is easy to move in your home, get rid of anything that could block the walking path or the flow of chi. Make sure when seated no one is facing with their back to the door. This can cause people to be uncomfortable. Yes when looking at a house many people will sit on your furniture if it’s there.
  2. Most people like fountains, if you have one keep it there to create a peaceful environment. Make sure it is removable since a few people are not fond of them. Place them in the north area of the home to enhance your wealth luck.
  3. Clean and repaint your front door. This not only is one of the first things a buyer will see, but the front door is associated with wealth. Keeping it clean will give you more wealth luck. If you can paint it read as this is the color of abundance in fung shui
  4. Make sure all pictures and artwork are happy in nature. Having sad pictures or hurtful looking artwork can send the wrong message to a buyer. These types of things make people feel unwelcome and usually cause them to move on to another home.

I hope if you are trying to sell your home, you will check these things out. I know fung shui worked at least once for me. It could help you too.

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Cool Your Home With Less Air Conditioning

There are many ways to cool your home where you can save energy and money. One way is to just open the windows. Of course many of us don’t like do this anyway so there are other options. One idea I really like is using window tinting. This can dramatically help to improve your homes energy efficiency and save you money. 

I’m sure you are wondering where you can get this tint for your windows. Well Snap Tint has a great selection of not only Solar window tint, but decorative film and car tint. Most people I think will really like the Symphony Neutral tint that doesn’t look like a tint at all, but still reflects the sun away. This is a wonderful product for anyone who has large windows with a great view.

Stepping away from the solar tint we have decorative window film. This is not an energy saver, but for a feng shui tip, use it in your bedroom if you have closet mirrors facing the bed. This helps to stop the reflection and helps create a good balance in your bedroom.  Decorative film can also be used in a bathroom, kitchen or along any glass surface.

Window tint is easy to install and does not cost much compared to the savings you will get. Warm sunlight though a window can raise the temperature of a home by 10 degrees or more. If you can block that sunlight your energy saves will cover much more then the cost of the window tint.

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Update on my mother

My mom was suppose to come home from the hospital today, but they are keeping her there another day so no luck there. The good thing is today I have time to put some of my feng shui things into place. This will I hope help her once she gets home. I haven’t had time yet this week to do anything. It’s been crazy!

One tip that is suppose to bring good luck and good health is to put a dragon image next to water on the east side of your home. I may try this with an image I print off the Internet with a dragon and a waterfall. Maybe it will help. Try it your self and let me know what you find.

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Using Fung shui to improve your life

On three Fridays each month I give you feng shui tips to help improve the look of your home and your life. A month or so ago I decided to try to grow some plants to see if it would help me make more money. I didn’t get started until last week so I haven’t seen much happening, but the day after I planted them I got accepted to a paid blogging site that I had been waiting for over a month to get into and some problems with another site were solved and I was able to make more with them. It’s not much maybe another $50 for the month, but it’s something.

Fung shui is a great way to balance your home so that it looks good and help in problem areas of your life. This week my mother went into the hospital and she may be sick for a long time. I will be adding a few things to our home to try to help her heal faster. Below is a list of a few things I’m going to try. Try it yourself and see what happens.

Planting a peach tree in the east: We already have this, I will be heading outside later to make sure it’s healthy and growing strong.

Using the Immortals images: The eight immortals were deities who ate the fruit of immortality. Using an image of an immortal can help someone who is older be healthy. I’m going to be looking for the immortal Lan Tsai Ho.

Use wind chimes to help direct the flow of chi in your home and keep flying stars away. They are best used in the bedroom or over the front door.

If you would like more information check out Lillian Too’s books on

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Feng Shui Friday: Cleanse your home 1

With spring on the way many people are thinking about spring cleaning. I was just reading a blog about spring cleaning, it was for your blog, but it got me thinking about home spring cleaning.

In fung shui a clean home is a huge advantage to a not so clean home, but when you do spring cleaning you can also help make your chi even better by doing a cleaning ritual. The one I have chosen to talk about today is the use of incense. After you have cleaned your home use incense to cleans the chi. You can do this by lighting the incense and walking around the room clockwise three times. This helps to burn off the bad chi. There are two more steps to this process, check back next week for the second one.

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Feng Shui Friday: A Picture is worth a thousand words

When trying to find accessories for your home you tend to look at artwork as a main focal point. If your trying to keep your feng shui in check you want to make sure you pick the right kind of artwork. Like this landscape of a castle on a lake.

You do not want sad images that make you feel lost and confused. You also do not want scary images that will make you nervous. Try to find pictures that calm you or make you happy. These types of pictures will bring good energy into your home and leave the bad energy out.

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Feng Shui Friday

For the inbetween Fridays of the now once a month Furniture Friday I will be having fung shui Fridays. All this will be is a short post with one or two fung shui tips for your home. I hope you enjoy!

Fung shui tip

If you have a stair case facing directly out your door you are letting out the good chi. To stop this you can place a bright light or a screen between the stairs and the door.

The stairs should also not face a toilet, a mirror or a bedroom.

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A pause on Furniture Friday

I have been having trouble getting the research done for Furniture Friday. I have started classes again and the workload is horrible. I will try to have one FF once a month. I want these articles to be informative and as accurate as I can possibly get.

So I will continue to work on it when I can. Until then I hope you enjoy the rest of the things I have to offer you.

Starting with some tips to help you earn some money.

These are new tips I have found from Lillian Too’s 168 Feng Shui Ways to Energize Your Life. I have not tried them yet, but I will be implementing them hopefully later today.

All tips should be done in the southeast corner of your room. 

  1. Grow some plants in the southeast corner of your room, office and home. Start them from scratch as the more plants that grow from seed the more money you will get.
  2. Paint the wall blue. This one I will not be doing, but I will be using blue pots to put my plants in.
  3. Use wood in this area. Use shelving, furniture or a wooden accessory.
  4. Place a red jewel in this area to help promote wealth, this can also be done in any earth corner.

Once I get these implemented I will let you know how well they work.

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Happy New year, Make your home work for you with feng shui

I talk about fung shui alot for one reason. I tried it a few years ago to help my luck in finding a job I had been looking for about a year with no luck. Two days after I did what I did I got a job. That would make anyone a believer.With the new year comes a chance for you to make some good changes in your life using fung shui. What can you do? Well below is a short list of things you can do to change different parts of your life and make 2008 the best year you have ever had.

Career luck

Use a water feature or the color blue to enhance your career luck, make sure the water is moving. Stagnant water decreases your career luck. Fish tanks, and fountains are good items to use. Use these items in the north area of your home

Wealth luck

Use the color green to enhance your wealth. Plants are a great way to do this as they are both green and are a wood element. Wood is the element of the south east and will bring you wealth with the new year.

Romance luck

The south west is the area to inspire romance luck. Make sure there is not toilet, kitchen or closet in this area as they will drain all the romance luck from your home. Enhance this area with pinks, reds and crystals to promote light. Use red peonies images to also help promote romance.

Health luck

This area also likes wood and green elements again use plants to help promote this area.  Use pictures of the dragon to help promote not only good health but wealth also. The dragon should be holding a pearl and spout water, but putting the dragon in water works also.

I hope these tips help you to succeed this year.

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The holiday season is almost over, now what?

This is the best time to get all that home improvement done. If your looking for green design items you want to get all of that bought before the new year. Why? Well the tax credit for buying these items will be non existent after this year. Yes you heard me. It’s gone forever! So now is the time to buy and you better make it quick.

After the new year look toward other types of home improvement and decorating. Buy new furniture to help start out the new year right. Look for fung shui tips on this blog and other websites. The big thing is to make your home work for you.

January 1st I will have a nice post about tips to make your home work for you in the new year. So check back and take a look.

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How Food and Interior Design Are The Same

Any designer who does not appreciate or know about good food is not a very good designer. The planning of a meal and it presentation – the texture, the color, the tastes, the hot and cold temperatures – are the same concerns that affect an environment.

Robert Kime, Architectural Digest


We look at food the same way as we look at interior design. It needs to look good or right away you wont like it. It needs to feel good, on your fingers and in your hands. You need to be drawn to it, just like you are drawn to the smell of your favorite food.

When something is pleasing to the eye it automatically makes you happy, calm and relaxed. When it is not, it will make you stressed and anxious. This is one reason why the art of fung shui is gaining in popularity, it promotes piece and harmony in your home.

Many people lack good design for one reason, they don’t look at the whole room, they buy things one at a time. This can be okay if you remember when your shopping what is actually in your rooms and shop with them in mind. Many people don’t do this, they see what they like and get it. They don’t stop to think, will it fit in the room? Will it match?

A tip I have is to take a picture of your room every time you add a major piece. Keep that picture with you and look at it when your buying anything for that room, even a TV. Make your room look put together and you will find you want to spend more time in the room because it makes you feel so good.

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Bring that old flame back

One reason I love feng shui so much is that it really hits on what you really need to fix in your life. It does not say make money and you will be happy. As people have told me. Today I’m going to talk about relationships. You can use these tips for new relationships, marriages or just friendships. Taking these steps should help you to create better and stronger bonds in your relationships.

Start by finding the southwest corner of your home. This area of your home represents earth, so having stones or crystals here is helpful. In fact if you can find pink crystals it’s even better.  Images for this area include Red Peonies, the dragon and phoenix and Mandarin ducks. These images promote marriage and good relationship fortune.

If your remodeling or building I home do not put your kitchen, bathroom or a storage room in this area. Bedrooms are a good thing to have in this corner. The master bedroom works very well here. If you are looking for a husband or wife you will want to keep a light on in this area also. It keeps the yin and yang balanced and increases your chances of finding that perfect someone.

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Tips to Make Your Home Relaxing

So you come home from a stressful day at work only to turn on the TV and hear all about the murder downtown, the celebrity going in for drug treatment or the fire that destroyed a family’s home.  You turn off the TV and think, why do I have to deal with all of this.

There are ways to keep your home looking and feeling wonderful so the minute you walk into it you can relax and unwind. One of the first things I use to do when I got home from work is light a few candles in the kitchen. Candles are a great way to relax and add style to a room. One look I really liked was when a friend turned an old kitchen fireplace into a setting of candles and incense. When you walked into her kitchen you relaxed and it was really helpful to her marriage.

Another way to relax is to set a timer on your lights and have them come on before you get home, that keeps your body from going into a defense mode when walking in the door. If you set it on a dim setting it will help you relax more by making your body think it’s almost time for bed.

The last tip I have is to install a water feature. A fish tank with a waterfall filter works as does a small table fountain. Not only can this relax you but when it comes to fung shui it can help too. Place your fountain in the north area of your room and watch your career blossom

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Interior Decoration: Feng Shui, Function, and Fads

When it comes to interior home décor, it’s important to keep in mind how a room feels as well as how it looks. Interior decoration can say as much about a property as the house itself. More than most other elements of a home, how you decorate is incredibly dependent on your budget.

Feng Shui
Since most of us aren’t “made of money”, the idea of using a few elegantly placed objects to make the room as functional and visually pleasing as possible is a highly appealing concept. No wonder Feng Shui (literally, “wind-water”) with its simple aesthetic and promises of tranquil living has become so popular in recent decades.

To fully reap the benefits of this ancient Chinese secret, you need to design your home by the rules from the ground up. Sound a bit much? Well, it’s not for everyone. Fortunately, there are enough online resources to give any dabbler a good idea of how to change their interior home décor to mimic Feng Shui principles. In fact, it has become so popular that anyone truly interested in this art form won’t have a difficult time finding a comprehensive guide at a local bookstore. If your interior decoration budget is an issue, look no further. As long as it will accommodate a few battery-operated fountains and a full length mirror for the outside of a bathroom door, you’ll be well on your way to a better life through spatial relations.

Go Modern
Another way to have a sophisticated look and maintain an open feel is to make all of your interior decoration as modern as possible. Characterized by sharp contrast, bold color, a polished sheen, and a lot of space and light, modern furniture and room designs are a popular choice among home, and particularly condo, owners.

The biggest drawback to decorating your space to look modern is that it can’t stay modern forever. Ever been to Graceland? Remember the jungle room? While your interior home décor is certainly a matter of personal taste, beware: What was once the very forefront of interior decoration is now a room coated in green shag whose centerpiece is a big orange coffee table with built in ashtrays.

On the other hand, rooms designed to look modern go really well with today’s more enormous TV’s. If you’ve got the money, go for it. Just make sure you save up enough to redo everything in 20 years.


Old School
Dark, solid, and forever in need of dusting, a room with an authentic classical feel can be almost threatening. Oak, however, never goes out of style. If you want your interior home décor to both speak volumes and have some staying power, this is the way to go. It will cost a ton to do it properly, but it will look impressive for generations.

The Bottom Line
Nothing is more subjective than interior decoration. A room can look just as good lined with collections of great literature on walnut bookshelves as it can lined with an extensive collection of Pez dispensers encased in glass. It’s up to you. Just remember, when it comes to home décor, even small choices can end up costing a lot of money. Look before you leap, chances are you’ll have that expensive chair for a longer time then the cheaper version.

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Mirrors and There Use in Feng Shui


Mirrors have an important use in feng shui, they help move chi and make a room bright. Mirrors represent the water element, just as water can calm you so can a well placed mirror.

Mirrors have other great benefits when used with feng shui. Look at the area of your life you want to enhance, then find a mirror with the element for that area.

  • Use a wood frame if you want to promote creativity
  • Use a metal frame to bring energy to a space and your life.

Best areas to have a mirror:

  1. East (Health & Family)
  2. Southeast (Wealth & Abundance)
  3. North (Career & Path in Life)

Areas to avoid placing a mirror:

  1. South (Fame & Reputation)
  2. on the wall directly facing the Main Door
  3. on the wall(s) facing the Bed.

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How You can Use The Bagua Map to Improve Your Home

The Bagua map is a very useful tool in Feng shui. It is used to show where the 5 elements should be placed in your home, office and your yard, yes you can even Feng Shui your yard.


Here are some great ways you can use The Bagua Map to improve your home

The North

The north element is water, water can be represented in paintings, by small or large fountains or by a fish tank, make sure that the water is kept moving if it’s not it will harm you instead of help you. The north color is black , use this colors in the north area of your home or room. The north section effects your career and life path, keep this area well kept if your looking for a promotion.

The Northeast

The Northeast Element is Earth,you want to perk up this area if you are looking to get better grades in school, or are looking for the knowledge you need for a promotion. The color to use here is blue, but you can also use black and green.

The East

When you want to improve your family ties, have better luck having children, or just looking to improve your sex life, look to the east. The color here is green, you can also use black or blue. The best Element for this area is wood, but you can also use water.

The Southeast

The Southeast area is the “I want money!” area, if you are looking for wealth perk this area up by using wood or water elements, and these colors, purple, green and gold.

The south

The south part of your home, office or yard is in my opinion, the most important one, This area effect your reputation. If you want that promotion, or just to be liked more, this is the area you need to improve. The element here is fire, use red or green in this area.

The southwest

If you are looking for love and friendship, the southwest area is where you want to perk things up. Earth is the element here and it can be very helpful, use red and pink colors here.

The West

The west is one of the most powerful areas, I think because of what it helps with, Children problems and creativity. If your children are not getting along with you or other children perk up this area. Use metal, for your element and white for your color.

The North West

This is the wealth area, you want to locate your office in the part of the home if you can. You also want to fill it with wealth sybols like the

Even if you don’t believe in the art of Feng Shui, using these ideas does really help make your home more comfortable and inviting.

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