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Adding A Jetted Tub To The Home

Whether it’s to add value to the home or to add an amenity that gives you a way to relax, the installation of a jetted tub offers a few benefits. It’s a task that’s easy to complete with jetted tub manufacturers giving tips on how to best place the tub in the home.

Jetted Tub

The first thing that you want to do is decide on the size of the tub that you want to install. Select something that offers enough room for the family to enjoy, but you don’t want to get something that’s too big as it could be difficult to install and take up too much space in the home. An easy way to get the right size is to look at the current tub in the bathroom and get one that is of the same dimensions. Find out if there are any building permits needed to install the tub, especially if it’s a larger size than what’s currently in the home.
Before beginning the installation, you need to shut off the water to the tub. There should be a pipe behind the tub that is for waste and overflow. This pipe should be disconnected as well. It’s a good idea to make sure all of the pipes that go to the tub are clean at this point and free of any debris that might have built up over time.

Covering the floor with a large tarp, begin removing the tile that is around the tub. This is an opportunity to change the tile that is in the bathroom if you’re looking for a new appearance in the room. Cut through the drywall to provide a space for the tub to sit. Examine the insulation behind the wall. If it has mold or is moist, then it’s best to replace it before adding the new tub. If not, then you will likely end up needing to replace it in a short time. This would involve removing the jetted tub and the tile once again. If you aren’t adept at electrical work, then it’s best to have an electrician connect any wires that go to the tub. Once the area is clean and the pipes are ready to be connected, you can set the new tub in place. Connect the pipes, turn the water on, and enjoy your new whirlpool.

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5 Ways to Create Your Perfect Bathroom


A relaxing getaway, a place where you can go to get away from the world and find peace. That is what our modern bathrooms have turned into. Even our smallest bathroom remodel takes these aspects into consideration.

How do you create that Perfect Bathroom? The ideas are endless and really very simple.

1. Think about what makes you feel relaxed. Do calm blues and greens make you feel like your in a spa? Do you like soft lighting or more sunlight? Thinking about how colors and lighting effect you will help you to create a space that works for you.


2. Look at your accessories? Do you have nothing on your bathroom wall? Change that and add some calming elements to your walls. Using the vertical space in a bathroom can create that warm feeling you are looking for and help both your mind and body relax.

3. A Tub or a Shower? What helps you to relax after a long day. For some people it’s a nice soak in the tub after work, others enjoy a nice long shower to help relieve those tired muscles. Decide what one is more important to you and spend your money on that. You can always do both, but investing in the perfect tub or shower will help create a wonderful relaxing experience.

4. Flooring is very important when it comes to a relaxing bathroom. Do you live in a colder climate? You may want to think about installing heated flooring to keep your feet warm. For flooring you also want to choose relaxing or neutral colors.

5. Think beyond the normal bathroom. Maybe your in a warmer climate and would love an outdoor waterfall shower. Another way to bring the outdoors in is large skylights to help bring in light and nature to your bathroom.

How do you make your bathroom a relaxing space?

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5 Easy Tips for a New Bathroom Look

New Bathroom Ideas

Are you looking for small bathroom decorating tips that will make a big impact on the way that your bathroom looks and feels? If you have a small bathroom and you want to transform it, there are plenty of ways to redecorate that will turn a drab bathroom into a fab bathroom. If you’re working with a small redecorating budget and a small bathroom space, here are 5 easy tips for a new bathroom look that will add dimension and storage without taking away from your space.

Take Decor Up a Notch with Shelving

You don’t have to have a completely simplistic bathroom when you’re limited on space, but you do need to be innovative with displaying decor and necessities. By investing in a shelving unit that has hooks, you can take your decor up a level and hang towels and robes in the process. Not only will you add to your storage space, you can add to the design.

Backsplash Will Dazzle the Eye

Are your bare white walls boring? Are you looking for an effective way to add dimension to a space that doesn’t have much? If you have stacked shelving units or space behind your pedestal sink, consider installing a tile backsplash that compliments the color theme you are designing around. The tiles will add color, texture, and illusion.

Redecorating and Rearranging Tips for a New Bathroom Look

Turn Functional Elements into Decorative Elements

If you have a limited budget, you should look for functional elements that will compliment your decor. Soap dispensers, receptacles, cotton ball holders, towel holders and commercial shower curtains can all transform a space. Add some personality to the room without breaking the bank and choose colors that pop to brighten up the space.

Use Bright Paint

You don’t have to choose dull colors or plain whites when you’re designing a small bathroom. White may be a flattering color in small spaces, but you can use bright pops of color wisely to show off unique architectural detail. Paint one wall a bright color, or use a bold wall paper pattern that has adhesive that is designed to stick in a moist environment. The color or pattern will surely make the room more lively.

Find a Textured Rug

You probably don’t think of rugs when you think of bathrooms. There are, however, textured accent rugs that can take the floor up a notch. Choose privacy curtains and accent rugs that compliment one another, and you can create a design rather than just several different looks in a single room.

From time to time you will need to freshen up your space. If it’s time to refresh your bathroom, keep these tips in mind before you start redecorating. Transforming your space doesn’t have to involve demolition as long as you are creative and resourceful.

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Less Utility, More Personality – 5 Ideas for Updating Your Bathroom

Less Utility, More Personality - 5 Ideas for Updating your Bathroom


Modern bathrooms are more than merely utilitarian. They can be a showcases in and of themselves. Here are five tips to update your bathroom and make your guests gasp in admiration.

Personal Care Containers

Creating personal care areas for the household not only makes the bathroom tidier but is an efficient way to tend to personal matters. You can assign everyone who uses that particular bathroom a colored basket or plastic organizer in which to put the items they have most need of. A woman can place her makeup, creams and lotions in one basket, while her husband can place his shaving accessories in another. These containers can look surprisingly attractive. They’re certainly more attractive than everything being strewn over the top of the vanity!

Brighten Up Your Bathroom

One way to brighten up a bathroom is to turn a wall sconce so that the light is pointing down. This is a great and cost-free way to add some task lighting and to make the room brighter than it is. Also, it’s important to keep the lightbulbs clean so they always give maximum light. Another way to brighten the room is to add shiny surfaces like mirrors and brilliant chrome towel bars and fixtures.

How To Buy A New Toilet

If your toilet has seen better days, make sure you measure the space first before buying another. Toilets don’t come in one standard size and a couple of inches can be the difference between a bathroom that’s roomy and a bathroom that’s cramped. Also, a round seat saves more space than an oval one.

New Tile, New Grout

Grout doesn’t have to be drab. It can now come in many colors, so consider this if you’re doing a re-tiling job. You can choose a grout that closely matches the color of the tile to make the job look more uniform. Or, you can choose grout that contrasts with the color of the tile to make the tile stand out more.


If you’re bored with the old hardware that came with your vanity, you can always change. There must be thousands of types of drawer pulls and knobs, from cup pulls to cut glass balls to Queen Anne type pulls. Another tip is to match the hardware with the other hardware in the bathroom like towel racks and light and sink fixtures.

Updating a bathroom doesn’t have to bust the budget. Some things can be done for very little money and even for free!

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Shine up your Kitchen and Bath Tile

pink back splash

Is your kitchen or bath looking a little boring? Are you ready for a change that will make it dramatic and fun? Do you want your friends to walk in and say “WOW”? Well I have the perfect solution for your kitchen and bath décor problem, a glass backsplash! What is great about glass tile is that it’s unique, fun and you can do so many different things with it and even if your friends use the same tile as you, it’s still going to look different then your tile.


Glass tile comes in different shapes, sizes and types. You can get it is webbing that allows for a pretty easy instillation and you can get bigger pieces separately to create your own look. Sometimes you want to mix and match the two to create an interesting and unique look, but make sure to plan and sketch out the tile plan before putting the tile on the wall.


A backsplash can really change how a kitchen or a bath feels. It can create drama, relax you or even make you hungry, cold, or warm. It can completely change the look of your room and is not extremely expensive to do.

Do you have a glass tile backsplash? How do you like it?

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Create a Spa in Your Home

Everyone wants to be able to relax when they get home. This may mean sitting in front of the TV or participating in a hobby, but for most people this means being able to go and enjoy your bathroom in a way that will make you relax and enjoy it. That is where great interior design comes into play and where amazing and high quality products are helpful.

flyte_magento_familyOne place in your home that I do encourage people to spend money on is the bathroom, the other is the kitchen. I say this because bathrooms and kitchens tend to be where we look to relax or spend time with the family. So if your looking into a bathroom remodel go ahead and buy one of those high end faucets that you have been looking at. Just make sure you like it and that it’s not to trendy, that way your money goes farther. 

Here is where I suggest you spend your money on your spa bath:

  • Faucets
  • Showers
  • Tub
  • Towels/rugs

Skip the expensive tile or use a combination of unique high end tile and cheaper common tile to create an interesting look. Also don’t spend a ton of money on mirrors or shelving.

If you could design your own spa bath what would you have in it?

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Top 5 Tips for Designing Your Dream Bath

When it comes to designing your bathroom it seems that sometimes people give up because it’s just too hard to too expensive. Sometimes though you can cut your cost if you just follow a few simple rules.


1. Shop online! Sites like Eden Bath have great deals on all kinds of sinks and other bathroom fixtures. There is also a much bigger selection online then in most local stores so you can get exactly what you want.

2. Contract out the hard stuff. Don’t try to do the plumbing or electrical yourself. Hire someone to do this. It’s much easier and will actually be better on your wallet in the long run. When people do their own bathrooms sometimes they just don’t get it right and you end up with a waterfall in your basement. (yes, this happened to my mom)

3. Design your bathroom for you. Unless you are selling your home, design your bathroom to fit your needs, not for resale. If you love stone vessel sinks add them if you would rather have a simple vanity with minimal storage then do that. It’s your bathroom and you have to use it.


4. Check your tile. I don’t know how many times I have had people tell me “I picked out this amazing tile and now I slip and slide around my bathroom!” Make sure your tile will hold up to being walked on when wet. You don’t want to injure yourself just for style.

5. Keep it simple. Yes, those shower heads in your bathroom wall would be great, but unless you can afford to have someone come in and fix them every so often you may want to skip them. Make sure you can afford the upkeep for anything you add to your home, including anything in your bathroom.

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3 Main Features to Keep in Mind when Buying Electric Showers

The following is a guest post

Electric showers work much like water heaters. They heat mains water quickly as it flows to the shower head. They are very economical choices as they heat only the water that you need at the time and are the only choice for a shower that is completely independent of a hot water heater. This means that if your boiler is in need of repair, you can still enjoy a piping a3507shot shower. When purchasing electric showers, there are a number of features that you may want to keep in mind.

1. Riser Rail – The riser rail is a metal bar that attaches to the wall. This is what allows you to adjust the height of your shower head. If you want a bit more flexibility, a longer rail is a good choice. Many electric showers have riser rails that offer hooks for shower gels and built-in soap dishes.

2. Spray Variance – You can choose electric showers that offer variable spray patterns from power jet sprays to wide sprays. Choosing the right shower depends of course on your personal preferences. When selecting, check to see if the shower head offers an adjustable spray. Many have up to five different spray modes.

3. Power Rating – You want to choose a shower that has a good power rating. Most vary between 8.5 kW and 10.8 kW. You will likely pay a bit more for higher power ratings but the higher they are, the more powerful your shower sprays will be. You may find that some also offer variable settings such as economy settings that will use less power by providing you with a lower temperature of water.

These are the main features that you should consider. There are however, many other features that you may find when you are shopping. Some offer water saving shower heads that enable you to conserve water as well as energy when showering. Others have push-button controls that make it much easier for you to enjoy the same flow and temperature settings each time you shower. Memory functions ensure that your specific settings are remembered and many models offer these that are capable of remembering up to five different shower users. Each time you get into the shower you simply choose your pre-programmed setting and your shower will be the way you like it every single time.

There are a number of other features you may want to consider as well, but these are the most important. Select an electric shower that suits your showering and design needs as well as your budget.

This article was written by Electric Point, one of the largest independent wholesale groups in the UK and Ireland. We are the electrical wholesalers UK residents rely on for quality products and fair prices.

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4 Tips for Choosing Safe Yet Stylish Bathroom Accessories

The following is a guest post

Decorating your bathroom does not have to be boring to be safe. There are a number of bathroom accessories that you can incorporate that will promote safety and still add to your existing décor. If you are in need of a universal design that is accessible to everyone you do not have to choose between style and safety. Here are 4 tips for choosing bathroom accessories that are stylish and safe at the same time.

919450_hotel_bathroom1. Choose the features that you want – The first thing to consider when decorating your bathroom is that this is your room. You want your bathroom to be relaxing and to fit your specific needs. When selecting your accessories, think about the ergonomic design, size and specific look that you want. If you are choosing grab bars for instance, think about the design that most closely matches your existing décor. Choose the size of bars that will best fit your bathroom and think about rounded or curved grab bars, towel bars and soap dishes.

2. Plan ahead – You may spend a bit more during your remodeling than you had planned but this can help you to save substantially in the future. Adding bathroom safety accessories will ensure that slips and falls are few and far between. If you add your accessories during a remodeling project, you can also save on having to tear down walls in the future to install these items.

3. Think about your weight needs – The weight capacity of most grab bars are around 250 to 350 pounds. Think about how much weight will be put on these bars and choose the ones that are best suited for your family.

4. Choose the design that you want – There is no reason in the world why you should have to settle for boring, hospital-like grab bars. Choose accessories that match the finish of your existing fixtures or come in a style that you like. Just because you are trying to be safe does not mean that you have to give up design.

This article was written by Best Bathrooms, the UKs leading supplier of bathroom accessories at competitive prices.

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Improve the Look of Your Bathroom with TrueShopping Accessories

If you want a more enjoyable bathroom experience, purchasing accessories to improve the visual appearance and functionality would be recommended. Trueshopping currently offers a plethora of bathroom accessories, including but not limited to towel rails, brush holders and rings, as well as soap baskets, shelves, apparel hooks, toilet paper roll holders, showerheads, shower seats, pedal bins, soap dispensers, and much more. If you want to add some entertainment to your shower, consider the relatively affordable waterproof televisions, which are available in several colors and styles.

Trueshopping showers are some the finest in the industry, offering the best of both modern and traditional styles. With 48233_imagea comprehensive catalog and a simplified shopping experience, true shopping makes it easy for you to find all of the components needed to create a fully custom bathroom or shower environment.

Trueshopping also offers a variety of shower enclosures, including quadrant showers, walk-in showers, wet rooms, and shower cabins, as well as a vast selection of shower accessories such as doors, screens, shower trays, showerheads, soap trays, and much more. In addition to their extensive selection of showers and shower accessories, they also have plenty of bath styles to choose from, including acrylic, steel, corner, freestanding, and old-fashioned baths. offers a user-friendly interface in which you can browse for products based on collection, type, or name. If you’re planning on completing a full-scale bathroom renovation project, this site has all of the products needed to accommodate your needs and preferences. If you want to add a bit of comfort and functionality to your bathroom, consider the wide range of bathroom furniture available, including vanity mirrors, vanity sinks, cloak units, back-to-wall toilets, sink fixtures, and cabinets sets. Trueshopping also offers a full range of bath taps, including showers, basins, toilets and furniture for bathrooms."

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Bathroom Accessory Collections

Unless you have ever undergone a DIY bathroom remodeling project, you may not be aware of the fact that there are actually a that come as a full collection. In fact, bathroom accessories can complement literally any era in décor from Victorian to ultramodern times. Usually these full collections contain the toilet roll holder, a hand towel holder, a tumbler holder and a soap dish. However, it is also possible to order each of the components separately if the need arises. Although these attractive accessories are well-built and durable accidents do happen and pieces may need to be replaced from time to time.

55203_imageWhen it comes to period pieces for the bathroom there is no finer source than bathroom accessories. It is possible to find Edwardian accessories, Victorian accessories and modern accessories as well. Also, mirrors are available in a wide array of styles some of which are backlit while others are representative of different eras in UK design. The Art Deco mirror is a great example of this as it is styled after the lines of that period. You may also want to consider adding any towel rack, heated or non-heated, to add to your full collection of accessories in order to have a place to have a bath towel on the ready.

Since it is possible to get free delivery to all orders on the mainland UK if they are over £65, it is wise to order the entire collection at the same time. Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or simply find that your accessories have lost their luster, it is best to order them as a collection and install them all at once. You can literally have the best bathroom imaginable with a few small changes, and it needn’t cost next year’s salary.

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Relax in a Shower With Options

I love when I can take a nice hot shower and relax. Sometimes it seems that the stress of being a student, finding work in that field and keeping up with my blogging can be just too much. Add on the stress of being a diabetic and a bad blood sugar day and I’m ready to relax and unwind in a nice relaxing shower. I love taking long hot showers and having a well designed shower and a great spray changing shower head can really help you relax and unwind.

That is why I keep up with top trends in the shower industry by reading blogs like the Professor Toilet blog where you can learn all of the new trends and cool things going on with bathrooms. For me having the best in your bathroom can really make your life easier. Your not worried as much about something breaking and of course it’s nice to have a place you can go to and relax. Today I will really be needing a relaxing experience after my class. Last week our teacher decided that our 10 page paper, that was due in November needs to be done today, I didn’t find out till last night, so not only am I babysitting, but trying to write a 10 page paper as well. Wish me luck!

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American Standard OutReach Lavatory Faucet Review

I received this product to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.

I love finding fun new products to test out and this Out Reach lavatory faucet from American standard is really not only pretty, but useful as well. even if you don’t think you need one you find that you use the extension a lot more then you think. We put it in our main bath because my brother uses it to shave. Having the extension makes easy clean up of all that hair and keeps our bath clean for guest that may pop in.

Instillation is easy as long as you know how to install a faucet and it’s all assembled when you get it so there really is no assembly. I would really recommend this for anyone with small pets, or maybe someone who loves to do home hair cuts and needs the sink to wash hair. I also would recommend it for anyone with a disability as it makes washing hands easier, my nieces and nephew loved it!

What do you think about this type of faucet? Would you install one.

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Remodel and Keep Your House Hot

Bathroom remodels are a hot trend and if your looking to keep your home up to date and maybe even increase the value you may want to look into a bathroom remodel. Now, I’m not just talking a regular remodel, but something like Boise Bathroom Remodeling and a remodel that will make you home work for you well into the future. You want to check out things like Walk In Tubs For Elderly so that you can use the tub when your older or you home would appeal to people who have special needs.

If you don’t want to go all out with a walk in tub you may want to just check out Replacement Bathtubs they are great and easy to match your decor with. Anyway you choose to go you want to take a good look at one of the rooms in your home that could just break or make a sale or one that could cause you hassle in your golden years.

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Change Your Style Change Your Bath

I received compensation for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

When most people think of a bath remodel they thing expensive and not very affordable, but they would be wrong, sometimes just changing one item in the bathroom can make a big difference in how it feels and functions. Putting in new bathroom vanities like the one I have shown here from Bath Kitchen and Beyond can create a whole new style for your bathroom.

Many bathrooms have a standard toilet and shower, while the vanity could be the item that makes the bath feel modern or traditional, changing the look, color or material of the vanity could just make the room feel more open or cozy depending on the look your going for. My advice if you are looking at a new vanity is to take a picture of your bathroom, cut out pictures of vanities and overlay those on the bathroom picture, you will see a change.

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Time To Remodel Your Bathroom

I love designing my future home and one part that I am very passionate about is the bathroom. I want stone floors, a walk in shower and a huge whirlpool tub. I also want a very stylish vanity. Of course since I don’t have my own home yet I have to deal with dreaming but you don’t have to and I’m hoping that you will draw some design inspiration from this post.

When designing a bathroom there are two areas that can draw your eye, the tub and the sink. Bathroom vanities are now so stylish and fun that they actually can draw your eye away from that huge tub. I love this old world type sink and I would use this in my powder room, yes another room I have designed in my head. It’s interesting unique and I love the metal work. I wouldn’t put this sink in a bath that is used often to get ready for work or school as there really is not much room for extra stuff, but this works very well in a powder room or even outside as a washing station.

I personally would add a different faucet to it, but other then that I love the style. What do you think, would you put this pedestal sink in your bathroom?

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Save Money By Upgrading Your Toilet

Have you heard about those cool duel flush toilets? The ones that only flush half a tank when you don’t need a full one. If you have and have looked into getting one you may find that they are pretty expensive. Most range from about $500 to $1000. That is a lot to spend on a toilet and it will probably take you some time to earn that investment back. If your building a home I say go ahead and spend the money if you would like to. If you are not, you do have another option.

The other option is the select a flush duel flush conversion kit. This device will allow you to make your existing toilet a duel flush for about $25. The system is easy to install and will start saving you money on your water bill quickly.  Some of the benefits of this system are:

* Lowers water and sewage bills
* Extends the life of higher water consumption toilets saving landfill space
* Reduces impact on municipal sewage treatment systems and saves energy
* Alleviates strained capacity on water treatment plants
* Reduces impact on septic systems

Taken from the select a flush website

Of course these are great reasons to buy this item for anyone, another good reason to buy this product is that it is made in the USA, in fact it’s made in Michigan. Another good thing about this product is that you can install it yourself, the hard part from what I hear is getting use to it.

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Waterfall Bathtubs By Kasch

I found these looking online and I have to say my jaw dropped when I saw them. I love the seamless look they have along with making me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Hopefully you feel the same way. If you are looking to make your bathroom feel like a spa you should really check these amazing waterfall tubs by Kasch out.

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It’s Just A BathTub

I have decided that over the weekends I’m going to just start finding cool new product pictures to post. Why well because my classes are taking up time on the weekends, but I still want to send out some great information to you. So check these awesome bathtubs out, don’t you want one?

Glass Bathtub

Moonlight Bathtub

Wood Bathtub

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Cool Sinks And Fun Design

Having an interesting sink like the one pictured in this post not only makes for good and fun interior design but it can also be a great conversations peice. People want to know where you got it and how much it cost or where they can get one. Really that is the point of design, makeing you and the people who visit want to know more.

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