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All About Toho Bugle Beads

When it comes to bugle beads, one name stands out and this is the Toho bugle beads. Toho bugle beads are manufactured in Japan and are regarded with the highest quality. This type of beads are very small and their sizes range about 2mm to 9mm long to complement whatever types of beads that you are going to use to make your accessories. Moreover, Toho bugle beads also exist in other sizes that are larger than the standard 9mm length. This brand of bugle beads also offers long bugle beads that are 30mm long. These types of bugle beads often look tubular in shape.

Toho bugle beads are made from high quality glass thus they look beautiful and they glisten well especially when hit by light. Each of the beads is also inspected properly so each pack containing hundreds to thousands of individual beads are perfectly identical with one another. Toho bugle beads do not only exist in different shapes aside from the usual round design that are commonly seen in bead shops. They can take on the square shape with the four corners running lengthwise while they can existed in funky twisty shapes, hexagonal shapes or a combination of each of the shapes mentioned.

Toho beads are available with both round and square holes and they are often big enough so that needles can pass through them easily. You can use lovely Toho beads to make whatever accessories that you fancy since they exist in different shapes, sizes and colors.

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Use Target Coupon Codes For Great Home Decor

I love shopping at Target, yes I know they are not high end and all of that stuff that many designers look for, but in recent years they have done a dang good job of getting affordable home decor that actually is stylish and fun to use. I always shop at Target online using a Target coupon code so that I get great decor at a great price.

The last time I used Target coupons I bought a really awesome platter and serving dish set that only cost me about $25. I think I saved just over 30% and I really loved what I bought, in fact I loved it so much I thought about keeping it for myself, but it was a gift for a friend who needed a home style update and she loved it too!

When I use Target coupon code I always see what kind are available and what would be a better deal. When it comes to home decor you want style and functionality at a good price, not something you bought because it was on sale or a good deal. I take a good look at my online coupons and see if free shipping or a percentage or dollar amount off would be a better deal. Decorating your home should not bust the bank and should not be an experience where you have to take half of the stuff you bought back because you spend too much. So embrace the online coupon and Targets great selection of merchandise. I know you’ll find something there you will love.

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Changing your look is not always about knocking down walls and painting, sometimes it’s as simple as changing the pictures in a room or your whole home. A few days ago, my mother took down my favorite painting, she unique paintingteaches for Head start and they were talking about flowers, so she took the painting of roses into her classroom.

My sisters and I did not know about this so, when we noticed it gone we wondered where it was and commented on how different the room looked. It made an impact on us and when my mother returned the picture to it’s spot, we noticed the difference again.

When I had my own apartment I would move around and change out pictures every six months or so. This freashens up the feel of the room and adds a new conversation point. You of course can keep the pictures and either store them to bring back out later, or move them to another room. Moving pictures is a great way to change things without spending any money. Try it for yourself and see what you think.

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New And Very Hot Accessories

There is a huge abundance of hot accessories out right now and many would make some great last minute Christmas gifts. I have picked a few of my favorite items to show you.

Decorative screen

This first one is a screen by Winoldi, I love this because it’s very different from anything I have seen, but at the same time is familiar enough to most people that it won’t scare them off. this would be perfect in a bedroom or living room area.

leaf glass platter

The next one is wonderful because it’s small, simple and elegant perfect for someone who like style, simplicity and usability in their gifts. It’s called the Leaf Platter and it’s made by Esque Studio.

rubber wicker bowls

The last item is probably the best on the list as it is made from recycled scooter tires and wicker. I love the look of these and am thinking of buying them as a gift for my sister. Anything natural or recycled is always a great gift and this one looks pretty cool too. They are made by Artecnica

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Top 10 Christmas Decorating Mistakes

Santa1.  Buying so much stuff you can not fit it into your truck, your car and your friends SUV.

2.  Using your old lights because they still work, get LED’s they are cheaper in the long run.

3.  Making your husband, boyfriend or male children go onto the slippery roof just to put up the light up reindeer that must look authentic.

4.  Blinding your neighbors with the red and green spotlight you have aimed at their home because they do not decorate, they are Jewish

5.  Having 15 Santas, 10 snowmen and 2 pumpkins in your yard. You were just to lazy to take down all the Halloween decorations and you love all your matching Santa’s

6.  Setting up a manger scene in your yard that recites the Christmas story once every hour at full volume.

christmas bells7.  Having loud music that goes off whenever anything enters your yard, including a snowflake or a bird.

8.  Copying your neighbors decor and then asking them why they always have to copy your style?

9.  Stealing the Christmas display in the mall because you just can’t find anything better then Santa’s chair.

10.  Putting up a big sign that says “Christmas sucks when is it going to be over”. Yet you expect all your friends to get you presents.

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Make Your Own Interior Design

Beads are a hot thing in jewelry, clothing and interior design, but you don’t need to spend tons of money on a designer bead lamp or beaded pillow. You can buy great wholesale beads at Beads of Cambay and get the same look as designer brands without the price tag of them. These beads are not just normal every day beads, they are of very high quality and are beautiful. Beads Of Camby offers a discount of up to 30% off many of their beads so really you do get a great deal with them.d

If you love the look of copper you should think about using this wonderful copper bead on a lamp or your curtains. This would look amazing with a red or brown fabric or shade. with these beads you really should use your imagination and just do what you think looks good. Interior design is not about what is in style at the moment it is about what makes you happy and what makes you feel at home.

If your not into the copper look they have many other types of beads and a great selection of wholesale gemstone beads. These beads are great to use in little girls rooms to add that princess touch even if the room is not a princess theme. Young girls tend to love gems and other shiny things that makes them feel special.

There are many things that you can use beads for in your home besides lamps and pillows. Make picture frames with your kids or use them to add something to mirrors or candle holders. There really are endless possibilities.

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Find A Bargin On Home Decor

If you are looking for ways to save a ton of cash on home decor you should look no further then your closest garage sale or soon to be foreclosed home. Many people now are starting to move out of their homes due to this and may either leave things behind or sell them for some extra cash, now I know many would say this is takeing advantage of a bad situation, and it is, but you are helping people in the long run. You are either helping the people who have to move or the one’s who have to clean it up.

Yes many of these things will not be in the best of shape, but if it’s wood, sanding and finishing is all that you will need to do and that doesn’t cost much, just a few bucks and some time. It’s really amazing what you can find when looking around your neighborhood. You want to be more careful when it comes to furnishings that are upholstered if you get them right from the home as in they were not left outside you should be okay, but I would still recommend a good cleaning and disinfectant spray down, just because you have no idea where they have been. Also if you like the piece, but not the color it’s cheaper to have it reupholstered then to go to a store and buy something so don’t let that stop you either. The big thing to remember, good design is not always getting all new things, sometimes it’s reusing what you or others already have.

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Design your own faucet!

Do you want your kitchen to stand out more, but you just don’t have a ton of money to put into a kitchen redesign? Well now you can have a unique centerpiece for it without spending thousands of dollars. California Faucets offers a custom design center that allows you to choose the style of faucet that you want and select custom finishes, and handles for it.

The process is simple, you go to their custom faucet website and you pick a pre-made faucet. Once you do that you are taken to the screen where you can change the faucet around. You can choose I different spout or different handles. You can also change the whole thing around if you decide you like something else. Then once you get the style figured out you can choose a finish for it and your good to go. I have a few examples of some I made on this post.

I love this tool as you can also save your designs and come back for them later. When I finally move into my own home I will be using this program to buy my faucet as I really like what they have to offer. Not just the custom design, but the limited warranty that covers the finish and workmanship for 10 years. Not a bad deal.

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Simple Saturday

Right now most people don’t have much money to spend, but soon those rebate checks will be out and you are suppose to spend them on stuff. Not bills, Hydroxycut or debt. If your one of those who are able to spend it on stuff I think I can help you out with a few simple ideas, that won’t break the bank.

Check out the dollar store, they always have some interesting and cheep things to buy. I have actually bought some of my artwork I have in my room from them. Most people don’t know the difference. Art work can add a mood to a room and works great to cover up that bare wall.

Yard sales are a great place to find simple accessories for your home. Someone trash is another persons treasure. My aunt is great at finding doors and windows at yard sales. She even once found a tractor. We live in the middle of no where so I’m not extremely surprised.

The point of this simple Saturday is that not everything has to cost hundreds of dollars to be worth something. With the artwork splurge on a more expensive frame, and no one will know you only paid $5 for it, unless you tell them of course.

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Win a $20,000 Home Makeover

Do you wish you could actually do some of the things I talk about without making it look like a hurricane went though your home? Well now you can! Renuzit is having a $20,000 home makeover contest. I love when business do this as sometimes people really need the help but they can’t afford to have someone come in and do it.

Now I’m sure your wondering how you can enter to win? Well all you have to do is have a video camera and a home that really needs a makeover. Submit a video of your home at and tell Renuzit why you need a home makeover you also have to write an essay that is 250 words, thats not a lot it’s just a little longer then this post. There are also few videos up at the site if you need some inspiration. See official rules

If your not interested in the contest you still should check out the TriScents site as you can get a starter kit coupon for Triscents. It’s very easy to download, just make sure that there is a store near you that will take them and who knows maybe having a fresh smelling home will inspire you to become a do it yourselfer!

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Save space with compact appliances

If you have a small dorm or apartment you are always looking for ways to keep as much space as possible. With compact refrigerators, dishwashers and microwaves you can keep all of that space and still be able to have good food and a clean area.

One thing you should remember when buying these is that it’s usually best to buy them together, sometimes they work as a set and interlock to save even more space. Most college kids don’t care much about looks but if you are one that does buying them together will help keep the colors matching and your space looking good.

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Fabric and the possablities

Today I am at school. I just spend some time going though the fabric in our fabric room. I found a good amount of fabric that I will probably use not just for the design boards I need to redo but for things like pillows and even a blanket for my neice, she’s a baby so she doesn’t need much.

Scrap fabric is a great way to get some new pillows or even a table cloth. Many fabric stores will put there scrap fabric on sale. You just have to go in and ask for it or you can call and ask them to save some for you. It may cost you a little but you can ususally get it at a discount price. Also check to see if they sell there discontinued fabric. Some places will. It doesn’t hurt to try, sometimes you can even get enough fabric to make a curten or a comforter.

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Don’t discount discount stores

Just because everything you see in a design magazine cost thousands of dollars doesn’t mean that you can’t have that design in your home. Check out some of the discount stores in your area that carry some great products at cheaper prices.

Today I was walking around Target. I don’t get to Target much as it’s a good half hour, 45 minute drive from my home. Today when I was walking around I found some great stuff for a home. I found an ottoman that I had wanted but could not afford at $500 dollars for $79. I still couldn’t buy it as right now I don’t even have the $79 but I also don’t have a place to put it yet, so I will have to wait anyway.

I also found some great picture frames and shelving units. I couldn’t believe how much they have added good design to their store. I know they have been working on this for a long time, but it’s paying off. I’m very impressed. Other stores are following suit including walmart, and kmart. Don’t pass over these stores just because they have cheep merchandise, think of it this way. If you want to change your design at least you didn’t spend $40,000 just to change it 2 years later.

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Design with things you already have

Design on a budget can be really simple take a look through things that you already own like a lamp that is sitting in the garage or gold cuff links that can be used to dress up a curtain.

The other day I found an old mirror, it was broken and I had planned on throwing it out, but then I had an idea. I made a picture frame with it. I found a cheep frame that I had bought a few years ago and glued it onto the mirror’s backing. I was lucky that this mirror had a nice frame to it already. I then took the mirror fragments and glued them onto the space between the two frames. I now have a great picture frame that cost me nothing. I already had everything I needed to make it.

The best part is no one has a picture frame like this, even if they do the same thing they will still look different. Uniqueness is always an important part of good design.

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Oil and Paint Make Good Design

When looking for accessories you don’t always have to go to the most expensive thing, sometimes you just want to have something that if it’s ruined your not out $5000. This is the case with paintings. I personally would buy a painting that is a knock off or reproduction rather then the real painting. Of course there are exceptions but I still would not display them without some sort of protection and a good security system.

For most people though a monet oil reproduction is just as good as the real thing. So what is my advice when looking for paintings. Check some antique stores, the dollar stores are wonderful if you have kids or go ahead and splurge a little.

If price is not an issue, buy something you love, but something that will either go with your decor or stand out in a good way. If you have mostly antique furniture don’t buy a modern painting. The clash. If you have a mix of furnishings a modern painting may work well.

Whatever you do choose something for yourself, not because it’s expensive and it will help you make friends. People who buy things based on the money factor tend to not appreciate it as much. At least that is my experience anyway.

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Staying warm after the storm

Now that the big winter storm is over here in the Midwest and east. People are trying to find ways to stay warm. There are many ways that you can help keep your home warm even without electricity. Which many don’t have right now.

If you have a fireplace your pretty well off. You can use that to heat your home and you should be fine. Of course your whole family may be sleeping in one room for a few days, but thats okay. Another way to keep your home warm is to use gas portable heaters. These heaters if you can’t tell by the name run on gas, not electric, that way you can stay warm that way as well.

Of course you can always just pull out the blankets and hope for the best. I am lucky I do have electricity and some heat. I wish all of you out there, on your laptops, hoping the battery stays alive, the best and hopefully soon you’ll have heat and that much needed electricity.

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Add Something for You to Your Home

I have noticed that a huge trend lately is to add something personal to your bathroom. Be it a TV so you can watch your favorite soap in the bathtub or a simple vase of flowers. There are also people who add makeup mirrors or heated towel racks. Just to add that something extra to make there life easier or more enjoyable.

I think this is a great trend. You can buy small inexpensive things to put into your bathroom to make it feel more personal and comfortable. You would actually be surprised at what you can find in the dollar store. There are many things you can get that doesn’t require you be creative. In fact I was looking at some paintings the other day at a dollar store that I will probably go back and get. I’m a student I can’t afford the nice stuff, but who has to know it came from a dollar store?

Of course Dollar stores are great places to find cheep vases and other things that you may want to add to your home. I know a few people who have the money to spend on the expensive stuff but choose the cheep things because they have young children. I really don’t see waisting money on something that will be broken in a few days by your two year old. Of course if you have alot of money it may not be a big deal to you.

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Make easy Interior design changes later

There are many ways that you can set up ways to make changing your interior design a simple process. Maybe you only need seating for 2 most of the time, but when your family is over you need seating for 12. This is simple to fix. If you plan to have permanent seating for 4, a sofa and a chair maybe, then have movable seating for the other 8. You will create a better space for you when you need it and allow you to live comfortably when you don’t.

One item for seating you should look at are ottomans. They are great because they can be moved around, and when there not being used for seating they make great tables. I plan on buying a few after I move to use as coffee tables. You can also use them as a bench in front of your bed then move them to the room they are needed in when your family visits.

Another way to change the look of your room easily is cheep but nice artwork, you can have different pictures for each season or just change it whenever you see something new you like. Of course I recommend having one piece that is more expensive that you plan to keep, this could be a family picture or a expensive painting. When you have something in your home that means something to you it makes the space so much more inviting.

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Design on a budget

One of the most common questions I get is how can I get great design on a small budget? Well there is a way, you have to really shop around and do some research though, but the time spent will pay off alot in the end, and you will love the results.

discount furniture is not hard to find if you have an idea of where and when to look. Check online for great deals on last years furniture, yes I know it’s not the latest and greatest, but at least it updated somewhat. If you go this route look for pieces that are classic, they stay in style no matter what and will always impress. If you like the more modern look again stick with a classic modern and clean lines.

When you buy discount you have to be careful that it doesn’t look that way. Keep it simple. Don’t follow the trends completely, choose one piece to splurge on that is a trend setting piece and buy some things that will last a while.

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Warm your home with a rug.

Winter is soon going to be here in the northren parts of the world and I for one am looking for ways to warm my home without useing more heat. Since the prices of propane, nateral gas and electric heat are riseing I don’t want to pay much more for heating.

One way to do this is to add rugs in your home. I have wood flooring which I love, but it’s very cold, adding a few rugs will help keep the room warm and also keep my feet warm during the cold winter. Right now I’m looking at getting flokati rugs there warm and cozy looking and would really work well at keeping my room warm.

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