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Finding a House that Works for Your Budget and Family Size

Searching for a new home to make you and everyone in your family satisfied can be a challenge.  You want to find somewhere that you can afford but also offers all of the space and amenities you want to keep your children and spouse happy.

Whether you plan to buy or rent, you might want a centralized online location that offers plenty to choose from so that you can find a place that suits your needs exactly.  You can find that location and get that array of choices by going online today.

Finding a Place to Buy

If you are in the market to buy a new house, you want to know what kind of price ranges are available to you in the market in which you are searching.  Knowing the prices lets you know what kind of mortgage you need to apply for or if you need to look for cheaper housing in a nearby town.

The website shows you houses for sale in the area and also displays the price for each one.  You can narrow your search by the price range in which you want to stay.  Once you set your search boundaries, you can then find a house that works best for your budget.

Finding a Place to Rent

If you are not able or choose not to buy a house, you may be interested in renting a house rather than an apartment.  The website shows you all of the property for rent in the area.  The listings come with rental amounts as well as pictures of the home so that you get a preliminary glimpse of the residence.

Based on the pictures and descriptions, you can determine if the houses at which you are looking can suit your family’s needs.  You can look at the kitchen space, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more on the website before actually visiting the house.

As with buying a home, you can set your search by how much money you want to pay in rent. This search option lets you avoid looking at housing that is outside of the budget you have available for renting.

Choosing a home that can accommodate your family and budget no longer has to be a long drawn-out search.  You can simplify it and find housing that suits what you want to spend by searching on the website today.

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Why I want to Invest in Real Estate

My dream since I was in my early 20’s was to own my own home, that grew as I continued threw collage, to me wanting to flip homes. At the time I had an idea of what house flipping was, but it was not as well known about as it is today.

One of my resolutions this year was to fix myself, I had lost track of my goals, my wants and my dreams. I had gotten use to not getting what I had hoped for and gave up. These last few months have led me on a journey of discovering my self again, realizing that my dreams could really happen, if I take action and do something to make them happen.

I have done some research and I still want to do a little more before jumping into flipping and investing in rental properties, I have time as currently I don’t have the income to fund it myself and I need to start networking to see who may be interested in helping me get started.

One thing I know that is very important to have is a why, why do I want to invest in real estate? My why and my end goal is to be able to help people who are like my mother, who because of no fault of their own they can not rent a home or apartment. They can not buy, and they are stuck living with family or in very low cost housing in bad areas.  This is my why, but not my start goal. I would not feel comfortable taking the risk these people do bring with someone else’s money, this why will have to wait until I myself own the homes.

Another reason I really want to invest in flipping homes is that I love design, that is my degree and my passion, but I have found that I would rather fix things based on my own ideas, then deal with others at this point in my life. For me this has to do with my anxiety, I may one day be able to do design work for others, but right now, it’s reserved for myself and friends and family.

The best part about me doing this research and hopefully soon getting into real-estate investing is that I can share my journey with you, my readers. I have some amazing ideas for post that I hope will inspire you and of course once I do get started I plan on showing you my progress with each home.

Have you invested in real estate or flipped homes? What tips do you have for me?

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Rent out your space or find a stylish space to rent

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ditch The Space for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you been wanting to take that amazing job offer but are worried about your current lease? Maybe your thinking of moving, but don't want to make a full commitment to a new city. Well, I have a solution for you it's called Ditch The Space and it's for people looking to sublet or rent a space for a short period of time.

Currently they cover only the New York area, but I see this expanding very soon.

 photo Untitled1_zpsd152e50f.png

Looking to Ditch your space

There are couple of options for you, this is not just a for property managers, though this is available. You as an individual can sublet your space to finish off your lease or do short term rentals. It's easy to get started just sign up and start posting pictures of your space. Now there are a few things you want to remember when taking pictures

Make sure you clean and clean well! People don't want to look at a dirty space.

Get a good Digital SLR, if you don't have one find a friend that does and have them take the photos. If you can't get a SLR, use another type of cameria and not the one on your phone, cell phone pictures just don't look as good.

If your not good at design find a friend who is or at least take a look at magizeans, you don't need to buy anything but update the look of your home to get a good feel for what will look good to others.

 photo Untitled4_zpsacfa8a63.png

Looking to find a space?

Their Ditch Is Your Gain when your looking for a new space subletting can really save you some money. It also can save you time. If your looking to move to a new city, but your not sure if you want to stay subletting or short term rentals are a great way to be sure your going to like your new city. It's also great for those who are doing short term work. You have a nice place to stay and it's not a hotel.

All you have to do is search in the city your looking to live in. It's not very hard and the site itself is so easy to use. I love the search, though with the limit on where you can look right now this site will not be useful for most of the US, but I'm sure they will expand soon!

 photo Untitled3_zps4f25c669.png

Great for Professionals

Ditch your space offers a Premium Service for brokers and property managers. It's gives you a few more perks and helps you find the right tennet for your space. This pro service is a yearly subscription that offers premium listings and a few other perks.

 photo Untitled2_zps61646a53.png

So how do I see you using this site, well if you are looking in the new york area you may be interested in this listing I found a Gorgeous furnished 2 bed, 1.5 bath on UWS. The images are perfect and grab your attention, the space is clean and well lit and I love that they included an outside photo.

Want to learn more about Ditch Your Space? They have a blog you should check out: Ditch The Space’s Blog. Here you can learn more about the site and some tips for moving as well as information about all things New York.

Are you looking to move to the New York City area? Would you use Ditch The Space?

Visit Sponsor's Site

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Putting Your Home Up for Sale: Six Projects to Surely Raise the Value


If you are considering selling your home in the next year, there are some things that you might want to consider if you want to increase your asking price. Here are six projects that will raise the value:

Eliminate Clutter Now:

One of first things a potential buyer will do when they enter a house is consider how their own belongings will fit. If your home is cluttered, it will appear smaller and potential buyers may not be able to visualize their own furniture in the rooms. Something that you can do before you list the home for sale is rent a storage unit or borrow space in a friend’s garage. Move extra furniture out of the house as soon as possible and free up as much floor space as possible. Consider replacing bulky furniture with a more compact option in order to give the appearance of open space. Perceived value is related to received size in the mind of home shoppers.


Home decorating often includes painting the walls in colors that coordinate with your taste and style. However, your love for bright red kitchen walls may not translate to what a potential buyer will love. It is a good idea to make sure that the walls of your home are painted in neutral colors. This has three different effects. It makes the rooms look big. It makes the walls look clean and it enables a potential buyer to imagine their own style at play in the home.

Putting Your Home Up for Sale - Six Projects to Surely Raise the Value

Improve Curb Appeal:

Curb appeal definitely increases the value of a home. If you want to attract buyers, spend some time working on your yard. Install a garden path around the home if you don’t already have one and add some color with annual flowers. You can also consider the addition of new window treatments, such as faux wood shutters or new blinds and curtains.

Replace your Appliances:

If you intend to take your appliances with you when you move, consider updating them now. Brand new appliances coupled with a new paint job can give the impression of a new kitchen. Most buyers are interested in the kitchen and bathrooms being current. This is one way to improve the appearance of your home and to improve the value of your home.

Fix What’s Broken:

It may seem like a logical idea to look around your home for small needed repairs prior to listing it for sale, however small projects are often overlooked. If some of your switch plates are cracked, take a few minutes to replace them. Ceiling fan not working? Consider replacing the switch to see if it works. If not, replace the fan. If your air conditioning is not working and you will show the home during the summer months, now is definitely the time to repair the problem.

Update where possible:

Consider a minor remodel of your bathrooms and kitchen when you want to increase the value of your home. A new kitchen or bathroom will immediately add significant value to any home. Keep in mind that you should use neutral materials and fixtures and don’t decorate for your own style and taste. Investigate current trends and implement them whenever possible.

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Vacation Rental Property: Rent Out Your House with Tips for Preparing a Rental Property


Rent Your Home

4 Helpful Tips for Preparing a Rental Property


If your house has been on the market for a while without potential offers and you need to move immediately, what can you do? Taking your home off the market and turning it into a rental property may help you earn some extra income and make mortgage payments easier. If you live in a tourist spot, you may be thinking of renting your house as a vacation home. Before you rent out your house, consider the pros and cons of being a landlord and take note of these tips for preparing a rental property.

Are you ready to rent out your house and become a landlord?

There are several perks to renting your house, with the most obvious being tax benefits and extra income. However, when you’re renting your house as a vacation home, you are still responsible for the care and maintenance of the rental property and utilities. You may want to hire someone to take care of your home if you are not close enough to make regular repairs. You may also task them with preparing the vacation rental property for the next guest by doing the laundry, cleaning the house and taking care of other repairs.

Female hand wiping dining table

Tips for preparing a rental property


1. Get the right insurance: Homeowner’s insurance typically covers not just your home but your possessions as well. If you’re renting your house as a vacation home and will be fully furnishing the property, you’ll need a full homeowner’s policy to protect your assets in case of an accident.

2. Find responsible tenants: Ready to put your rental property on the market? Tell friends and co-workers you’re looking for tenants. Then take out newspaper ads, use online listings and get the word out via social media. When renting a vacation home, you’ll probably want to maintain a steady stream of tenants, so set up a calendar to keep track of who will be renting and when. Remember to set aside time for your family to use it if you don’t intend to rent out your house for the entire year.

3. Prepare your home for renters: Clean up the house just as if you were preparing to sell the home. You may consider repainting it with neutral colors to make it more appealing to renters. Then, shop for décor and furnishings to design a cozy space for your renters. If your vacation rental property is a cabin, you can probably get away with more “rustic” appliances; otherwise you may want to consider some upgrades.

4. Perform general maintenance updates before you rent out your house: Before you rent out your house to vacationers, it’s a good idea to get a full home inspection, check utilities and weatherproof the home. Is it a fishing camp in the summer and ski retreat in the winter? Make sure you have a handyman or property manager on-site to winterize before renting a vacation home during the chillier months and prepare for warm weather before the summer sets in. You may also want to consider hiring someone to plow the driveway or mow the lawn depending on the season.

Use rental income to help with mortgage payments


The additional money you earn from renting your vacation home can be used to make your mortgage payments . Check your city’s ordinances to make sure you’re able to rent out your home. You should also look into tax requirements for renting a vacation property if you want to maintain it for personal use part of the year. Then, create a thorough renter’s agreement that will address the rights of the guests as well as your rights, so you can retain the value when the real estate market turns around.

Disclosure: Sponsored content was created and provided by RBS Citizens Financial Group.

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Four Tips for Success in L.A.’s Upscale Housing Sector

The following is a guest post:

real estate-thumb-2200x2200-56953

As an established real estate developer in the Los Angeles housing market, Stephen Finfer has a fair amount of experience with discriminating buyers. His knowledge of the Southern California area and experience in dealing with demanding clients have allowed him to maintain a solid position within the real estate industry. Finding the right approach to marketing at the top end of the L.A. housing market can be challenging even for experts in the field. Here are four strategies that can help L.A. real estate agents and developers enjoy more success in the upscale housing sector of the real estate marketplace.

Focus on Unique Features

L.A. buyers are especially interested in one-of-a-kind properties and customized living spaces that incorporate the latest design trends and must-have features. By putting the emphasis on the architectural details that make the home unique, realtors and developers can boost their chances of landing the sale or leasing arrangement.

Employ Creative Sales Techniques

Rather than hosting a simple open house, real estate agents and property developers can often draw a larger crowd by throwing a party, organizing a wine and cheese tasting party or putting on an impromptu art exhibit. These events can show the home to its best advantage and provide added incentives for prospective buyers to attend and to see the beauty and features of the home. This can lead to increased bids on the property and a faster sale or leasing agreement for realtors and developers alike.

Understand the Client’s Needs and Wants

Performing due diligence in the market research arena can help developers prevent costly mistakes in selecting interior and exterior designs, features and accessories. By tracking current trends in the Los Angeles design marketplace, realtors and developers can put the focus on the right aspects of a given property and can market it more effectively to clients looking for a luxury home. Consumer research efforts can pay off in higher sales prices or increased leasing fees and can significantly increase profitability in the L.A. housing market.

Incorporate Social and Mobile Marketing Strategies

Communicating with prospective clients can be faster and more convenient by using mobile technologies to reach these individuals. Optimizing websites to allow smartphone and tablet computer users to access information regarding available properties can boost consumer interest in these top-end residences and can lead to increased traffic for corporate web pages. Maintaining a presence on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook can create buzz for upscale properties and developments and speed the sales of these L.A. homes.

Offer Value for Money

One key to the success of Stephen Finfer’s real estate development business is the added value he provides for his customers. By creating one-of-a-kind residential properties and interior designs, Finfer can offer fully furnished homes in move-in condition and can cater specifically to the needs of his most discriminating real estate clients. By engaging potential customers in a variety of innovative ways, developers like Stephen Finfer and other real estate professionals can increase the visibility of their properties and enhance their profitability in the volatile L.A. housing marketplace.

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Are You Ready For A Change: Buying A House In 5 Steps

The following is a guest post


For people currently living in homes or other types of dwellings that they simply don’t like anymore or that they can’t afford, moving to another dwelling can be a fresh, positive change. However, even though relocating can be stressful and worrisome, there are five proven steps that any prospective homeowner can follow to ensure that the home buying experience is as smooth as possible.

#1. Shop Around To Understand And Compare Home Prices
Before a home buyer actually purchases his new home, he needs to educate and familiarise himself with the current homes for sale in the geographical market he’s interested in. He needs to learn what the typical prices are for the size and style of home he prefers. Only after knowing these things will he be an informed, intelligent purchaser and he will be prepared to honestly assess his purchasing position.

#2. Determine How Much “Home” Is Affordable
The price of a home needs to be within the realistic budget of any home purchaser. He should never cave in to buying a house that’s simply too costly and that will place too much of a financial burden on him just because he falls in love with the home. Emotions should always stay out of the equation.

#3. Find Out How Much Of A Down Payment Is On Hand
A minimum down payment should be around 20% of the purchase price. If a home buyer does not have that much cash in the bank, he needs to re-evaluate his purchasing position and start looking at homes with an appropriately lower price point. This strategy will ensure he is in a safe financial position when the inevitable monthly mortgage payments come due.

#4. Have At Least Five Different Lenders Provide Interest Rate Quotes
To get the best interest rate, a home buyer should obtain at least five quotes from different mortgage lenders.  The mortgage market is always competitive but some lenders can still be substantively higher in rates than other banks. The lower the rate, the lower the monthly payments will be.

#5. Arrange For A Professional Moving Company To Safely Handle The Move
It’s as important to locate an experienced, professional moving company as it is to follow the four aforementioned steps. A skilled moving company will allow a family to be calmer because they can assure the family of a smooth moving experience.

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Top Tips for a Quick House Sale

The following is a guest post

Home For Sale Sign & New Home

With the recession being at it speak; the housing market has taken a hit. Fewer people are able to move home as they are struggling to make ends meet. Selling your home has never been a straightforward process and with the economic crisis things have become substantially harder. There are some straightforward Tips for a Quick House Sale that you can do to make your home inviting, welcoming and allows the viewer to imagine they living in the property.

Neutral Colours

If it wasn’t before, then your home being decorated in neutral soft tones is the best way to raise interest in your home. Potential buyers need to see a blank canvas so they can picture their possessions in it, what they would like to do to the property to make it their own and the fact it would be ready to move in to immediately.


It may sound obvious but making sure your home, the entire home, is neat and tidy will appeal to viewer. They will be unable to see past the mess if it is greatly untidy and they wont focus on how they could live in the home just wonder how you can live in such a mess.


No one is saying your home has to be immaculate and everything put into a place but things that are left out on work surfaces etc. should be positioned neatly so the space is clear to see.


A clean home is a happy home. Viewers do not want to walk around a dirty house as no matter how lovely the house is they will instantly be put off and again unable to see past the grime that surrounds them. Imagining their possessions in the home will scare rather than interest them.

The Outdoors

The garden areas are just as important as the inside. They too need to be well maintained and tidy to allow the viewer to get a better perspective of the size, positions and what it could look like as their home.


Before you put your property on the market, you should have it valued beforehand so you know the price that you ask for is accurate. You will be more likely to have offers and later sell if the price is realistic for the house.


Have different items within the house inspected and checked so you are able to tell potential buyers that everything is safe, guaranteed and there should be no issues after they have moved in.



Be prepared to negotiate on the price, the moving date and anything else that may crop up. People want the best possible deal for their money and will do all they can to get it. Make sure you come to an agreement you are both happy with.

Be welcoming

No one really likes having strangers walking around our homes, having them look in cupboards, at our furniture or possibly criticizing the way we have set things up but it is essential when selling a home so be welcoming, greet warmly and if they like you and your home there could be a deal in place.

Estate agents will be able to guide you on all manner of things when it comes to selling your home. The price, the way you should set up the home for viewings and will take a majority of the responsibility for selling your property. Fort Myers Real Estate will be able to offer the best guidance and advice on the best and quickest way to sell your home and will even help you to find the next dream home.


-Image taken from

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4 Tips to Make Your Move Easier



Move Yourself.. Almost

Sometimes when you move it’s easier to just do it yourself. When you move yourself you keep track of what goes where and you know exactly how your things are being handled. Sometimes though you just can not move everything yourself and that is where a good Delivery Service could come in handy.

Use a delivery service to move things like a piano or other large items that take knowledge to move or that you want to keep from being damaged. Most movers do have some sort of insurance for these items, but paying movers to move everything can be expensive.

Paint Before You Move to Your New Place

Painting before moving in makes life a lot easier. You don’t have to remove furniture and you don’t have to cover everything,  just the floors. Make sure you do take smaller items that you may want to use as accents and a fabric swatch from your sofa or other furniture to match the paint to.

Don’t Pay for Boxes

Save boxes from shipments you get or check with your local stores and fast food places to see if they have any boxes available to give to you. Do this at least 2 months in advance so that way you have time to save up. Use plastic tubs for breakables and wrap those items up in newspaper or bubble wrap.

Arrange for Help Early

Get your friends and family to help you early on. Talk to them about coming over to help pack if they can’t help you on moving day. Pack up whatever you don’t need early if you can. Arrange your moving day early and remind your helpers as often as every week before the day.

Do you have any moving tips you would like to share? I would love to hear from you!

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Use New Homes for Inspiration

I always love to check out new homes that are going up in the areas around me. I currently live in farm country and there’s not much here, but taking a trip to the city or checking out new homes when I’m on vacation is always a great way to inspire me to design something new, change my style or just plain and simple remind me of why I love interior design.


Let say your on vacation and you decide to check out some local home. Search something like New Communities In Martin County and bring up some great new homes in the area. Now why new homes? Because most of the time these homes are going to feature the latest and greatest or at least the latest of what normal people can afford. Also many times new communities hire designers to help decorate and sell the model home to people coming in. That means they are up on selling trends along with making the home look amazing. I do suggest visiting model homes if your selling your home also. You can really get some amazing ideas that will really help you sell.


But lets say your not selling. Checking out these homes could give you some amazing ideas for your next kitchen or bath remodel. Maybe you want to add on and are not sure how to do it or maybe your looking forward to summer and an outdoor retreat like the one above. Well, these homes may just give you that light bulb you have been looking for and the inspiration for your next home improvement project.

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Buying a First Home

I know that many people who are looking at buying a home are first time homebuyers. I myself have yet to buy a home, but I do have a huge interest in real estate and a few friends who have bought homes as well. There are many reasons to buy a home right now. One is that prices are very low, so it’s easier to afford a home. Two there are first time buyer mortgages made just for new homebuyers. Three since real estate prices are low, you know that in ten or twenty years your home will be worth more.


There of course are some downsides to buying a home now. One is that you need to have good or great credit. Banks are not lending like they use to. They are lending smart and though this is bad for people looking to buy a home. It is something they have needed to do for a while. How can you get around this? Well, first check your credit and fix it. Then shop around for good rates about 6 months after you have fixed it. Don’t take out other loans, get new credit cards or anything else if your looking to buy a new home.

Also start looking before you intend to buy, just keep in mind that your not buying, but getting an idea of what you like or don’t like. You can also use this time to meet different real estate agents that could help you in your house hunt later on.

Have you recently bought a new home? What tips do you have for first time buyers?

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5 Tips for House Hunting in Todays Market

I know so many people who are house hunting right now. They have had both good and bad experiences and I decided to talk to a few of them and see what they suggested to do when you are house hunting in todays market.

1. Make sure that you have a great research skills, finding the right mortgage is the best way to start your house hunt on the right foot. A bad mortgage or dealing with a company that gives you problems can really cause a lot of problems when house hunting.

2. Don’t expect perfection, unless you have the budget for it. Even with home prices falling, perfect homes don’t actually exist. You will change something in your new home. You may have to paint, change the flooring or update a few things. Keep your standards up, but not higher then your budget allows.

3. 1385676_street_view_1Research home prices in the area you want to move before you start house hunting. You may not be able to afford the area you love and knowing that before you start your hunt can save you time, money and stress.

4. Look at more then one home, look at both fixers and “move in ready” homes. You may find paying someone to come in and create your perfect home will be cheaper then paying for the “move in ready” home.

5. Your budget need to reflect what you actually make. Don’t get into a home you can’t afford. Try to keep your monthly home payment to 20% of your income or less. This allows for savings to fix things, taxes and more unexpected things.

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Buying Real Estate Abroad

Sometimes when you want to get away, you want to do it a lot and buying a property in your favorite vacation spot can be easier then renting a room or a home for a few days. It can also be cheaper as when your not using it you can always rent it out to others who are looking for a relaxing getaway.

Say for example you are looking for Villas for Sale In Turkey, you may want to also see who is looking to rent a villa in Turkey to find out if it’s really a good investment. Of course what is also nice about buying your own vacation home is that you can decorate it in your style and make sure there is everything you need in the home to enjoy your vacation instead of enjoying someone else’s must haves.

Me? I would decorate my villa in Turkey with local flair and of course modern conveniences! I would probably add some netting over my bed to not only keep the bugs out, but give me that nice feel of being in a different world.

How would you decorate your villa?

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Shop Smart for Your Custom Home

Are you on the hunt for a custom home or are you thinking of buying a home and are wondering if you should build one instead. Sometimes that new home search can be very difficult. You have a lot of decisions to make and you may not be sure about what you want. Of course you could be one of those people who do know what they want and you just can’t find it.


That is where going online and checking out reviews is a great idea. Online reviews are not just for products, but they can help you find the best home and home location for you. For example if your looking for a custom home you may want to check out Schumacher Homes reviews. Schumacher homes is a company that builds custom homes. They have many locations in the Midwest and South. They do only build within 75 miles of these locations, but if you are in the area they are you need to take a look at what they do.

Custom homes really can be the best way for you to get the home you want. Really it just depends on what type of home you want and how many custom things you really have to have in your home. Home needs have changed a lot in the last few years and many of the new homes do not offer what people are now looking for.

Would you consider a custom built home?

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Best Ways to Finance Your Home Renovations

The following is a guest post

Houses eventually and normally deteriorate because of weathering. Through the years, there would be minor or major damages to your home whether you like it or not. If not properly addressed, such problems could lead to bigger damages. You would also experience a downgrade on your life quality especially the way you live in your dwelling.

That is why home renovation is very important. Once in a while, homeowners normally spend on renovating their homes. Your renovation project could be significant or just minimal. Renovating is important if you intend to retain the quality of life living in the house. It is a must to keep or even boost the property’s possible resale value (especially if you are selling it).

It is ideal if you have enough savings to spend for such an activity. But what if you do not? You could always opt to finance your home renovation. Here are some of the best choices to take if you decide to take sufficient and necessary financing for the project.

© Jinyoung Lee |

Personal loan
A home renovation project that is not that costly would be better covered through a simple personal loan. Terms could be shorter and rates may not be as competitive as those coming with home loans. But this facility is more practical compared to credit cards and refinance. Such loans could be secured (with lower rates but require collateral) or unsecured (higher rates without required collateral).

Home equity loan
This type of loan enables you to borrow money using your home as a security. Repayments could be amortised over several years. You could be sure monthly payments as well as interest rates would be fixed throughout the entire duration of the loan. This type of loan could be less costly than a personal loan. The amount you could borrow is also significantly higher, making it very ideal for major renovations.

Line of credit
If you are not comfortable borrowing a huge loan amount before your renovation project begins, it would be ideal to finance that project in phases. The line of credit could be backed by your home equity as security. You could obtain approval for a specified maximum loan amount. What is good about this is that you could withdraw just the amount you prefer or need. In the future, when you get short of cash for your renovation project, you could still withdraw cash and keep on doing so until the maximum loan amount is reached. You also get to pay only the amount you have withdrawn from the facility.

Mortgage refinance
Do you already have an existing home loan? If you do and you need to renovate your property, you may opt to take a mortgage refinance. It is like taking another loan backed by the same collateral or property. You could opt to fully repay your existing mortgage and use what is left (excess amount) to cover your home renovation. It is also like renewing your home loan. Interest rates applied could be lower or higher than that applied on your original mortgage.
So which of these options is best for your situation?

Andrew Black is a finance specialist specializing in bad credit loans. He has helped many people to in financial difficulties over the last 3 years.

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Keep Your Home Secure

Great home style is only good if you have a home and things to come home to. That is why keeping your home secure is very important and finding a good local security company is always a good idea. The internet is full of great information for this and searching for phrases such as “home security lincolnton NC” may just help you find something close to your own home.

You of course could also check out a website that will help you find local ADT security for you home. I personally love ADT because everyone I know who has used them or their products has had a very good experience with them.

Think about how horrible it would be to put all of your hard decorating work into your home only to have someone come in and take off with it all. Having home security is a must and you need to keep your home save so it stays inviting and beautiful.

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Keep Your Home Safe with Safety Signs

Sometimes all you need is a sign to keep people away from your home and your items safe. Using safety signs is a great way to do this and they are very inexpensive and easy to put up. Where I live something that is very common to see are no hunting signs, I think everyone I know either hunts or has a very close relative that hunts and people tend to just walk around wherever they want to to do their hunting. A few people I know have put up signs because they either don’t like hunting or they just don’t want a bunch of people on their property. Another common type of safety sign is an animal control sign like beware of dog signs. this can help to keep people off your property also. I love using security signs to keep thieves away, it works even if you don’t have a security system.

Of course these types of signs are also great for businesses and if you own a business and don’t have a no trespassing, exit or other type of signage you may want to take a look at where you can find many types of signs that will help you stay up to code and make sure people know what you expect of them when they are on your property. The best part is all the signs are in one place so you just have to place one order and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

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Real Estate Business

Guest post from: Bruno Smith

My partner and I decided to branch off and start our own real estate firm a few years ago. We’d grown weary of working for someone else and we both felt like our town had so much untapped potential that was just waiting to be explored, so we were excited to get our company off the ground.

The first thing I did was contact a lawyer and have paperwork drawn up to make sure our assets were protected in the case of a catastrophic failure. It was also important to divide everything equally since we’d be 50/50 business partners. After that was taken care of I went to and other registrars to research domain names for our website. The ! available names helped us nail down an actual business name! We’ve been open for just over two years now and I couldn’t be happier. We both love being our own bosses and business is really booming, even in this down housing market. The message here is to follow your heart and your dreams!

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Unique and Amazing Homes

I love looking at unique homes to help inspire me to do something different and fun with my decor. I found these on a recent search and had to share them with you. What do you think would you live in a house like one of these?

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When Buying a New Home…

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It's always nice to go looking around and see what kind of home you think you really want before you step into a Realtor's office. You want to also have an idea of where you want to live and how much home you can really afford. That is one reason I like the Blue Coast Reality Website. Blue cost Reality serves the Wilmington NC Real Estate market and not only is the website very simple and easy to use but the images they provide are very helpful to both first time home buyers and someone who has had some experience.

On their website you can search by property type, neighborhood and subdivision. Not only can you see the inside and outside of the homes you think are interesting, but you can also get a street view and a birds eye view of the property as well so you can see what really is around the home before even going there. It's really very cool way to look at homes and because you can browse the website on your own you can be very helpful to your future Realtor by having a good idea of what you can get and what you want, before you even get to them.

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