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4 Tips for Choosing Safe Yet Stylish Bathroom Accessories

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Decorating your bathroom does not have to be boring to be safe. There are a number of bathroom accessories that you can incorporate that will promote safety and still add to your existing décor. If you are in need of a universal design that is accessible to everyone you do not have to choose between style and safety. Here are 4 tips for choosing bathroom accessories that are stylish and safe at the same time.

919450_hotel_bathroom1. Choose the features that you want – The first thing to consider when decorating your bathroom is that this is your room. You want your bathroom to be relaxing and to fit your specific needs. When selecting your accessories, think about the ergonomic design, size and specific look that you want. If you are choosing grab bars for instance, think about the design that most closely matches your existing décor. Choose the size of bars that will best fit your bathroom and think about rounded or curved grab bars, towel bars and soap dishes.

2. Plan ahead – You may spend a bit more during your remodeling than you had planned but this can help you to save substantially in the future. Adding bathroom safety accessories will ensure that slips and falls are few and far between. If you add your accessories during a remodeling project, you can also save on having to tear down walls in the future to install these items.

3. Think about your weight needs – The weight capacity of most grab bars are around 250 to 350 pounds. Think about how much weight will be put on these bars and choose the ones that are best suited for your family.

4. Choose the design that you want – There is no reason in the world why you should have to settle for boring, hospital-like grab bars. Choose accessories that match the finish of your existing fixtures or come in a style that you like. Just because you are trying to be safe does not mean that you have to give up design.

This article was written by Best Bathrooms, the UKs leading supplier of bathroom accessories at competitive prices.

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