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ABC’s Of Fine Design Top Post For 2008

I have made a list of what I believe are my top post for 2008. I have selected one per month. If your new to the blog check these out first.

January: Why you should jump to LEDs

February: Furniture Friday: The history of the mirror

March: Save Energy and Keep Your Home’s Style

April: Cool Your Home With Less Air Conditioning

May: No Green Thumb, that’s okay

June: Feng Shui Friday: Remove Negative Chi

July: Design your own faucet!

August: Get A Wall Tattoo

September: Save Money Go Tankless

October: Get Dark And Warm With Your Curtains

November: Save Money By Upgrading Your Toilet

December: Let Your Fireplace Make A Statement

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Feng Shui Friday: Kitchens

Feng shui is a powerful tool that can help make your life better and keep your home looking and feeling wonderful. The kitchen is now considered to be the center of the home. Most families spend their time in the kitchen eating, cooking and just hanging out. It’s also the place to be when entertaining that is why the open floor plan is so popular. People entertain more and want to be able to spend time with everyone, not in a kitchen making food while everyone is in another room.

What can you do to make your kitchen the best it can be. Well start off by looking at the color of your kitchen. If you have red you may want to change it as red is the color of fire and there is already enough of that in the kitchen with your stove and other cooking appliances.

Position your cooking area so that you can see your guest as you cook. Having your back to the other room or to the doorway can bring you bad luck.

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Feng Shui Friday: Remove Negative Chi

Chi is something that can stay with a home or be brought into a home by neighbors or friends. There are many ways to remove bad chi from your home. An example of bad chi is the vibe coming from a neighbor who has loud parties or children that keep you awake at night. One way you can combat this kind of Chi is to place a urn of water on the side of your house that the noisy neighbor is on. The urn must have a wide mouth and small base. Place a fish, light or both in the urn to give it light. It is said that the urn will absorb the bad chi.

If you have just bought a home and want to remove the negative chi from it you may want to try using bells, cymbals or singing bowls to help clear the home of the bad chi. The bell is probably the best one to use and is also very easy. To use the bell ring it in a rhythmic way and walk around all of the rooms three times clockwise.

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Feng Shui Friday: Let the room flow

When arranging your room you want to make it so that the flow of the room is good for the flow of Chi. Chi is energy that can help improve your home and life when used correctly. You want Chi to flow slowly though your home without hitting any roadblocks. Keep doorways clear and create paths though your home that do not have obstacles.

One way to think about this is to arrange furniture in a room so that when you walk into a door you don’t have to immediately turn and go around a piece of furniture. There should be a clear path. This doesn’t mean that everything needs to be against a wall either. Move furniture away from the wall and see what  a difference it can make in the feel of the room.

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Feng shui and changing your life

A few months ago I decided I was going to try something out. I needed to make more money so that I could pay bills. I decided to try one method at a time to see if I could make more money using feng shui.

I planted some seeds and set them in the south east corner of my home. Unfortunately they didn’t take off very well and I had to try again. This time they took off and so did my income. I was able to get an auditing job, advertising offers on my blogs and more. I now I’m going to try planting more seeds just to see what happens. I love plants anyway and want more in my home so it’s not a big deal. The next thing I am going to do is try to also boost my career luck by adding blue to the north area of my home. Luckily for me that is my desk and work area so who knows what may happen.

Feng shui is a great way to enhance your home even if it doesn’t help you to be successful it will help your home look and feel better and I’m sure if your reading this blog that is what you are really after.

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Use Feng Shui to sell your home

I was reading an interesting post on yahoo this morning about how a couple decided to hire a fung shui expert to make some minor changes to their home. It cost them about $250 for the expert, but a few weeks later they found a buyer after 2 years of trying to sell.

Do I think fung shui had something to do with it, yes I do. It’s not some mystical reason fung shui makes a home more inviting. It makes the person coming into it want to stay forever. The reasons are simple many of the fung shui practices are things that would make most people calm and happy. Adding plants and letting in sunlight are just two ways to help. De cluttering is another, but these are pretty well known ways to help sell a home. The following are other ways you can use fung shui to sell a home.


  1. Rearrange your furniture so that it is easy to move in your home, get rid of anything that could block the walking path or the flow of chi. Make sure when seated no one is facing with their back to the door. This can cause people to be uncomfortable. Yes when looking at a house many people will sit on your furniture if it’s there.
  2. Most people like fountains, if you have one keep it there to create a peaceful environment. Make sure it is removable since a few people are not fond of them. Place them in the north area of the home to enhance your wealth luck.
  3. Clean and repaint your front door. This not only is one of the first things a buyer will see, but the front door is associated with wealth. Keeping it clean will give you more wealth luck. If you can paint it read as this is the color of abundance in fung shui
  4. Make sure all pictures and artwork are happy in nature. Having sad pictures or hurtful looking artwork can send the wrong message to a buyer. These types of things make people feel unwelcome and usually cause them to move on to another home.

I hope if you are trying to sell your home, you will check these things out. I know fung shui worked at least once for me. It could help you too.

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Feng Shui Friday, beams and the harm they cause

Having structural beams overhead may seem like a great architectural feature, but when it comes to good fung shui you better cover them up. Exposed beams can cause unhappiness in your home. This means that there will be increased fighting with all of your loved ones and friends. People who come into your home may misunderstand you or a family member. This could create more problems.

There are a few ways to solve the exposed beam problem. One is to just make a ceiling with drywall. Sometimes though you are renting and can’t do anything permanent, in that case use cloth to cover the beams. As long as they are hidden they will not cause you problems.

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Feng shui Friday: Antidotes

Below is a list of commen antidotes in Feng shui. (taken from Total Feng Shui)

  • Use bright lights to dessolve negative energy. One way is to keep lights on for at least 3 hours at night.
  • Windchimes help overcome illnesss.
  • Colors improve element imbalance.
  • Curtains and blinds delect negative energy so use them where there is an unpleasent view.

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Using Fung shui to improve your life

On three Fridays each month I give you feng shui tips to help improve the look of your home and your life. A month or so ago I decided to try to grow some plants to see if it would help me make more money. I didn’t get started until last week so I haven’t seen much happening, but the day after I planted them I got accepted to a paid blogging site that I had been waiting for over a month to get into and some problems with another site were solved and I was able to make more with them. It’s not much maybe another $50 for the month, but it’s something.

Fung shui is a great way to balance your home so that it looks good and help in problem areas of your life. This week my mother went into the hospital and she may be sick for a long time. I will be adding a few things to our home to try to help her heal faster. Below is a list of a few things I’m going to try. Try it yourself and see what happens.

Planting a peach tree in the east: We already have this, I will be heading outside later to make sure it’s healthy and growing strong.

Using the Immortals images: The eight immortals were deities who ate the fruit of immortality. Using an image of an immortal can help someone who is older be healthy. I’m going to be looking for the immortal Lan Tsai Ho.

Use wind chimes to help direct the flow of chi in your home and keep flying stars away. They are best used in the bedroom or over the front door.

If you would like more information check out Lillian Too’s books on Amazon.com

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Feng Shui Friday: Reverse your Fortune

Are you looking to gain back the good times you once had? When you had money and time to do things. Your job was going good and you didn’t have to worry about the mortgage? There may be a great secret that fung shui holds to help you get that back. This is not a grantee but it doesn’t hurt to try does it?

Reverse your fortune.

Start by checking out your front door. Is there a bunch of junk near it or did you add something there recently that was suppose to improve the look? Take it down and clean it up. The next area you need to look in is the corners of your home. Corners seem to be the place where we stick things we don’t really need. The problem is that when we do this we keep the good fortune that comes from these areas from being let out and able to help us.  You can have things in these areas, such as a decorative item, but make sure there is no clutter or that the items don’t block the flow of Chi.

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Feng Shui Friday: A Picture is worth a thousand words

When trying to find accessories for your home you tend to look at artwork as a main focal point. If your trying to keep your feng shui in check you want to make sure you pick the right kind of artwork. Like this landscape of a castle on a lake.

You do not want sad images that make you feel lost and confused. You also do not want scary images that will make you nervous. Try to find pictures that calm you or make you happy. These types of pictures will bring good energy into your home and leave the bad energy out.

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Feng Shui Friday: Find February Romance

It is February First and that means that more people are trying to find that special someone. If your single like me it sucks being alone on Valentines day. This year I don’t have that problem. I have to be in class that night, but if your free for the evening you may want to try these tips to improve your chance of getting a date.

  • Use Peonies around your home. Place them in the southwest corner of the room(s) and keep them healthy and alive, if you don’t want to use the real thing pictures will do well too.
  • Make sure you don’t have to many girly items in your home. To much female yang energy will not help attract the male yin energy you want. Change pink colors to a blue or gray and get rid of lace. Pick a few things to get rid of to even out the energy in your home.

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A pause on Furniture Friday

I have been having trouble getting the research done for Furniture Friday. I have started classes again and the workload is horrible. I will try to have one FF once a month. I want these articles to be informative and as accurate as I can possibly get.

So I will continue to work on it when I can. Until then I hope you enjoy the rest of the things I have to offer you.

Starting with some tips to help you earn some money.

These are new tips I have found from Lillian Too’s 168 Feng Shui Ways to Energize Your Life. I have not tried them yet, but I will be implementing them hopefully later today.

All tips should be done in the southeast corner of your room. 

  1. Grow some plants in the southeast corner of your room, office and home. Start them from scratch as the more plants that grow from seed the more money you will get.
  2. Paint the wall blue. This one I will not be doing, but I will be using blue pots to put my plants in.
  3. Use wood in this area. Use shelving, furniture or a wooden accessory.
  4. Place a red jewel in this area to help promote wealth, this can also be done in any earth corner.

Once I get these implemented I will let you know how well they work.

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Mirrors and There Use in Feng Shui


Mirrors have an important use in feng shui, they help move chi and make a room bright. Mirrors represent the water element, just as water can calm you so can a well placed mirror.

Mirrors have other great benefits when used with feng shui. Look at the area of your life you want to enhance, then find a mirror with the element for that area.

  • Use a wood frame if you want to promote creativity
  • Use a metal frame to bring energy to a space and your life.

Best areas to have a mirror:

  1. East (Health & Family)
  2. Southeast (Wealth & Abundance)
  3. North (Career & Path in Life)

Areas to avoid placing a mirror:

  1. South (Fame & Reputation)
  2. on the wall directly facing the Main Door
  3. on the wall(s) facing the Bed.

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How You can Use The Bagua Map to Improve Your Home

The Bagua map is a very useful tool in Feng shui. It is used to show where the 5 elements should be placed in your home, office and your yard, yes you can even Feng Shui your yard.


Here are some great ways you can use The Bagua Map to improve your home

The North

The north element is water, water can be represented in paintings, by small or large fountains or by a fish tank, make sure that the water is kept moving if it’s not it will harm you instead of help you. The north color is black , use this colors in the north area of your home or room. The north section effects your career and life path, keep this area well kept if your looking for a promotion.

The Northeast

The Northeast Element is Earth,you want to perk up this area if you are looking to get better grades in school, or are looking for the knowledge you need for a promotion. The color to use here is blue, but you can also use black and green.

The East

When you want to improve your family ties, have better luck having children, or just looking to improve your sex life, look to the east. The color here is green, you can also use black or blue. The best Element for this area is wood, but you can also use water.

The Southeast

The Southeast area is the “I want money!” area, if you are looking for wealth perk this area up by using wood or water elements, and these colors, purple, green and gold.

The south

The south part of your home, office or yard is in my opinion, the most important one, This area effect your reputation. If you want that promotion, or just to be liked more, this is the area you need to improve. The element here is fire, use red or green in this area.

The southwest

If you are looking for love and friendship, the southwest area is where you want to perk things up. Earth is the element here and it can be very helpful, use red and pink colors here.

The West

The west is one of the most powerful areas, I think because of what it helps with, Children problems and creativity. If your children are not getting along with you or other children perk up this area. Use metal, for your element and white for your color.

The North West

This is the wealth area, you want to locate your office in the part of the home if you can. You also want to fill it with wealth sybols like the

Even if you don’t believe in the art of Feng Shui, using these ideas does really help make your home more comfortable and inviting.

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