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Make Your Home a Part of Your Personality

The following is a guest post:


Decorating your own home can fill you with enthusiasm and ideas. Your home is your castle, as the old saying goes, and how you choose to decorate it reflects some of your character and allows other people to see the kind of person you are.

Going to someone’s home for the first time can be very revealing. Although at work someone might seem formal and reserved, if you’re invited over for a summer drinks party or a dinner party you might see a totally different side to them in their own home. Obviously, it’s a social occasion and people are usually more relaxed in their own environment, but the furnishings and décor they choose helps to give an overall impression, too. And of course, the same thing will happen when you open your doors to colleagues and acquaintances too.

However, you shouldn’t worry about what other people think – or might think – when you decorate your home. Although it might tell them more about you as a person, your first priority is to make your home somewhere you enjoy spending time in; not about what kind of impression it will make on others.

So, when choosing a sofa, although you might think you ‘ought’ to get one of the latest shapes or colours, think about whether that’s what you really want in your home. Chic designer recliners might look great, but do you have the space in your living room for one, or will it just look overly large when in the reclined position? Likewise, a light coloured fabric sofa might be the best choice for the overall look of the room, but if you have young children who aren’t the best at washing their hands, how long will it stay looking good? Often, it’s best to go for the most practical colour and shape sofa that suits your household, and use other items like framed prints and ornaments to stamp your personality on a room.

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Style Trend: Dine On Your Sofa

A great new trend in interior design is bringing the living room and the dinning room closer together. Now not only are the wall between them taken down, but more and more people are using sofas as seating for their dinning room table. I personally love the trend as it’s really great for kids who may like the sofa idea better then a chair. It’s also a great way to make a dramatic change to a room without sacrificing style and comfort.

I also know many people who have grown up eating on their sofa in front of the TV. Now they find it easier to sit at the table with their family or maybe because you do have the open room concept it’s easier to just add a table and watch TV from the dinning area. Another great trend is getting rid of the dinning room or area all together and getting a coffee table that can expand into a dinning table. This is great for small apartments or homes. What do you think of this design trend?

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Visit A Greenhouse

Are you stumped as to what you can do with your home now that the weather is nice. Well one way to get some fresh ideas is to visit your local greenhouse. They have of course great plants that could work very well flowersin your home and they also are full of color, that means it’s easier for you to find a color that you like.

You can also mix and match flowers to find out what colors work together and what doesn’t. I worked in retail a few years ago and I remember a women asking me about flowers and her room. She found flowers she wanted to put in her room, but couldn’t figure out the color of paint to go with it. I brought over a flower that had a nice lavender color to it and she loved it. I then told her to take it over to paint and have them match the color. She came back a week later and thanked me for the advice. Now I’m giving you the same advice.

Try it out and see what you can do to make your home fresh and exciting.

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Home Decor Tips Blog Carnival

This is the first of I hope many blog carnivals for Home Decor tips. I will be hosting both this one and the next one. After that who knows. I hope you learn a few things and enjoy your time here. If you would like to submit your blog post to the next carnival the link is below.

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My submission: Abc’s of Fine Design Presents Save Money By Upgrading Your Toilet

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Bring On The Bar

With New years just around the corner many people are looking to spruce up their bar area. You want to make a good impression if you are the one doing the hosting this year and you want that bar to look like a million bucks. Bar faucets are a great place to start, you can get very cool looking faucets for almost nothing and it can really add some sparkle to your bar. Add some nice lighting and you are good to go. A bar remodel that can cost as little as $50 depending on what deals you can find.

If you have a little more money you can also look into chairs or a new counter for the bar area. If you want to really wow them go sleek and modern with black or glass tile. If your looking for something more down to earth that might fit in better once it’s super bowl time, then you may want to try a wood counter. Both will create a great bar look and really make a splash this new years eve.

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Help others by decorating your home

I love it when I can get good design and help others all at the same time. That is why I wanted to tell you about this great company that makes items for your home. JacarandaStyle has products that are made in south Africa and the best part is the money they make is sent back to help the people there go to the Ethembeni School, a school for disabled and visually impaired children.

If you look at all of the pictures I have posted here, you will see just how gorgeous these items are! I think my favorite is the Ostrich egg lamps. They are so beautiful. I also love the colors in the other ceramics as well. This company has also been recognized by Food and Wine magazine and The New York Times among many other publications. They are noted for there style and there charity. They also have a great selection of jewelry that I have not pictured, I can’t share everything can I!

If your looking for a unique Christmas gift, give one of these wonderful items to a friend or family member and give more then just a gift, help someone who needs your help.

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Keep that well designed home clean

I think one of the most important part of good interior design is keeping that interior design clean. I know it’s something I need to work at as I have a pretty cluttered workspace. Maybe I like the ciaos of it all.

I think one of the hardest things to do is vacuum, why well you really need a good vacuum. There are many brands out there but I really like the Dyson brand, and you can find cheap Dyson vacuums if you look hard enough. I’ve been looking for one for when I move as I know I’m going to have to buy a new one and I want a good one.  A good vacuum will take care of dirt and make sure it filters it so that you don’t end up breathing that dirt in. Unfortunately I think when it comes to vacuums at least, you get what you pay for.

The other thing you want to make sure to do is wet dust your wood furniture and other solid services, many people like dry dusting because it’s quick and easy, but all it does is spread the dust around and again you end up breathing that in or it settles back onto the table. There are many good cheep dusting products out there, so find one you like and use it.

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Make easy Interior design changes later

There are many ways that you can set up ways to make changing your interior design a simple process. Maybe you only need seating for 2 most of the time, but when your family is over you need seating for 12. This is simple to fix. If you plan to have permanent seating for 4, a sofa and a chair maybe, then have movable seating for the other 8. You will create a better space for you when you need it and allow you to live comfortably when you don’t.

One item for seating you should look at are ottomans. They are great because they can be moved around, and when there not being used for seating they make great tables. I plan on buying a few after I move to use as coffee tables. You can also use them as a bench in front of your bed then move them to the room they are needed in when your family visits.

Another way to change the look of your room easily is cheep but nice artwork, you can have different pictures for each season or just change it whenever you see something new you like. Of course I recommend having one piece that is more expensive that you plan to keep, this could be a family picture or a expensive painting. When you have something in your home that means something to you it makes the space so much more inviting.

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