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Save Money By Upgrading Your Toilet

Have you heard about those cool duel flush toilets? The ones that only flush half a tank when you don’t need a full one. If you have and have looked into getting one you may find that they are pretty expensive. Most range from about $500 to $1000. That is a lot to spend on a toilet and it will probably take you some time to earn that investment back. If your building a home I say go ahead and spend the money if you would like to. If you are not, you do have another option.

The other option is the select a flush duel flush conversion kit. This device will allow you to make your existing toilet a duel flush for about $25. The system is easy to install and will start saving you money on your water bill quickly.  Some of the benefits of this system are:

* Lowers water and sewage bills
* Extends the life of higher water consumption toilets saving landfill space
* Reduces impact on municipal sewage treatment systems and saves energy
* Alleviates strained capacity on water treatment plants
* Reduces impact on septic systems

Taken from the select a flush website

Of course these are great reasons to buy this item for anyone, another good reason to buy this product is that it is made in the USA, in fact it’s made in Michigan. Another good thing about this product is that you can install it yourself, the hard part from what I hear is getting use to it.

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